This is the first time I’ve heard about the deadly shooting in Montgomery, Alabama at a gay nightclub. It is obviously horrible, and I hope it brings all the attention to the issue we have to the attention of the authorities and to the people that need it.

I’ve talked to a lot of people about the shootings. Some of them are quite disturbed and say it’s probably not the typical violence that people think it is. I personally have no idea why people would want to hurt anyone. I know I don’t, but I don’t know any of the people I’ve talked to about it and I’m still unsure. I’ve also heard of the incident happening to a friend, so there has to be a reason for it.

That is what we’re working to determine, and if you have any information about the specific incident, please contact our media relations team at [email protected].

The news of the shooting in Montgomery is still a mystery to many, but we’re working diligently to find out who did it. We do have a few leads to go on, but we’re also working directly with the police and Montgomery’s community to try and make sure the situation gets resolved quickly and that everyone is safe.

We were able to speak with many of the witnesses and we will be releasing the video on facebook soon.

The video is almost certainly going to be a shocking one. The man who was killed is said to have been in his 20’s, but is so young that it is hard to say for sure. He was standing next to his wife and was shot in the chest. The video, though, shows no blood on his clothes or his family. The shooter himself had a gun, but we’re told it went off instead of his heart.

Just a small teaser here. It’s a little rough, I’ll admit, but there’s a lot of noise coming in here.

The video is likely to be a shock to the public because of the gun used in the shooting and the fact that the shooters family, including their three kids, was left behind. The police say that the gunman had been at home when the shooting occurred, but that he was at a party at the time, so he could have easily pulled the trigger. They also said that the shooter’s wife and kids were at the party and that his wife called 911.

In the video, the shooter is said to be about 5’4″ tall with thick hair and a black eye. He was wearing a black cap. He was carrying a black handgun, and it was pointed at the shooter’s head.

When the video wasn’t being shown, I was on the beach with my family. My kids were in my car, and I saw them leaving the party. I asked the rest of my wife to take the children. She said, “You can’t be here.” He said, “No, I’m not.” I was surprised then that he was able to call 911. The only reason I didn’t talk to the family was because they wouldn’t let me into the house.


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