In May, the president of Mexico called for his fellow citizens to be more self-aware, and to change their ways. In a speech, he said, “We should have more respect for ourselves and for others. We should have more self-awareness and self-knowledge.” Many Mexicans agreed with the president’s sentiments, and the Mexican government is now offering people free classes in self-awareness.

The classes are open to anyone, and the cost is free, but most people who are interested will probably be able to attend at least one class. There’s even a Facebook page, with other classes and events. The classes are free of charge, but participants must register by May 30 to get a full access pass.

While I think the self-awareness training is great, I wish the government would actually give out free classes in actual self-awareness. I mean, who has the time to go to these classes all the time? And then there’s the fact that many Mexicans don’t even know what self-awareness is.

As it turns out, the government is actually too busy working on the economy. They’ve also been busy trying to implement a mandatory driver’s license that you have to show when you register to vote. The fact that this is even possible is beyond me and even the U.S. government is still working on it. It’s not that I want this to happen, but it’s a good idea to get some free info and get some help with the registration.

Well, it’s not free for me to give info to a Mexican government, but I did give them my address and my voter registration. I’m not sure if they will check it, but I’m going to work on it.

How do you know if any of these drivers are registered? I am guessing that its probably for the government, but I haven’t found a case where a driver isn’t registered. Since the driver’s registration is a step away, the government would be a no-brainer in this scenario, or perhaps they would, but they need to find a lawyer for the driver and ask for help. I don’t have time to go find a lawyer, but I suspect that’s why I’m here.

I’m sure a lot of us have been frustrated by this. But that said, I think the government is missing the whole point. It’s not about the government spying on cars, it’s about the government spying on driver’s. If they want to be concerned about the welfare of the people, they should be concerned about the welfare of the drivers.

The government would like to spy on all of us since it cares more about the drivers than the drivers care about the government. That is the real point. In our case, the government is interested in the drivers because they are driving legally, they are driving cars, which is why they are being watched. But for all the people who are legally driving cars, they are still being watched by the government as they drive. The government wants to know who is driving legally and who is not.

For all we know, the government could have installed a tracking device in the car and used that to monitor the driver. The government could also be monitoring the cars through drones since that is much cheaper than a car and more convenient. But we can’t be sure since there are no actual documents, videos, or records that prove this. We can only speculate that the government has planted a tracking device in the cars, and that only the driver has knowledge of it.

Although we have no proof, we have evidence that the U.S. government is monitoring Mexico too. We’ve read a lot about the government’s surveillance efforts in Mexico, and we know that Mexican authorities are very reluctant to talk about it, but there is plenty of evidence of the government’s presence in Mexico.


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