Do people who aren’t interested in business want to join SALESFORCE like board operator jobs?

Many people think the answer is no, and that salespeople are often unpopular and disliked figures. However, this belief is false. Salesforce does not target potential users with a salary of $1 million per year; it’s simply not possible for such a company to exist, even though their software has proven invaluable for millions of individuals over the years. The idea that they have an exceptionally hard time recruiting members or using their software because they’re too high up on the totem pole solely comes from bad PR.

The reality: A vast majority of job seekers use this tool every day because it’s so useful and effective at what it does.

1. Salesforce is an Intimidating Company

Salesforce has gained a reputation for being one of, if not the most intimidating company in history, and it’s true that their culture is very “start-up”. The truth, however, is that the company’s methods have been proven to be highly effective in their recruiting and internal operations. This creates a very vibrant atmosphere where ideas are welcomed universally, regardless of where they might come from.

Well established companies – like Wall Street firms or Morgan Stanley – tend to dislike Salesforce because it threatens their dominance as a top financial software package. They will do what they can to convince people who aren’t intimately familiar with the product that it is too difficult for them to understand.

2. Salesforce is Too Expensive

Many people with a high income are also unaware of the fact that Salesforce offers very affordable plans for smaller businesses and individuals. The entry level package starts as low as $15 per user, per month and increases from there depending on how many people need access to the software. The range of packages available is appropriate for even non-profit organizations or sole proprietorships, so it’s definitely not an out of reach option for anyone who may want to use Salesforce.

The reality: It’s important to remember that software companies often start out by offering niche products for large corporations before expanding into the consumer market. This makes sense since those companies have higher amounts of disposable income.

The fact that Salesforce has continued to provide lower level packages for smaller companies and users is a testament to how much they value everyone who uses their software.

3. Salesforce is Difficult to Understand

Salesforce offers many different tiers of access, levels of complexity, and support resources that make it possible for anyone with a high school diploma or above to become familiar with the product. This is because the company believes that education is key when it comes to making their customers successful. Their website even offers a plethora of educational material (both live and digital) from beginner tutorials on using the software to Salesforce certification classes provided by third party training centers around the country. This way, even experts in other software packages are able to better understand the system in order to work effectively.

The fact that people still ask whether they should get a higher level of training or setup is a testament to how difficult it is for those who aren’t familiar with the product.

4. Salesforce is Too Expensive

If you have been reading this blog post from the beginning then you already know that the initial cost of getting started with Salesforce can be overwhelming for many smaller organizations and businesses. This is understandable since many companies don’t have access to any sort of free resources, but it’s important to remember that there are ways around this if you need them.

Sometimes all that you need to do is utilize the free trial version and see if it’s a good fit for your business. Salesforce has no time limits on their trial plans so you’ll have plenty of time to see if this will benefit your organization in any way.

Even after the trial is over, you can still purchase a subscription from individual users to keep using the software without having to pay for a whole plan. It’s important to note that once you cancel your main plan, these additional users will be removed as well, but it’s important if Salesforce is being used by an individual or by a few individuals.

It’s also worth mentioning that you’re never obligated to continue buying the software once your trial runs out. You can always cancel your account and decide later whether it’s worth it to proceed with a regular subscription plan; many people do this since they’re not sure whether they’ll need the extra features that higher level plans provide.

5. Salesforce is Just for Salespeople

It’s true that Salesforce was created for salespeople, but this doesn’t mean that it has no other applications. It can be used by almost any type of business to streamline operations and stay organized from top to bottom. Above all, it can be used to create a quick and easy business plan template which helps salespeople do much more with their current and future leads.

The truth: Salesforce is important for almost any type of company – particularly growing organizations that are relying on technology to grow as a company.

The popularity of the product hasn’t been helped by how frequently salespeople use it to sell leads, but this is also due to the fact that it’s very easy to get great results with this system.


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