There are many reasons why people might want to cover up a tattoo, including regretting the design or tattoo location, hiding from one’s boss or parents, etc. The vast majority of cover-up tattoos use only colors and shading to minimize the appearance of the existing tattoo. Today we’re going to go over some popular techniques using photos and video tutorials that can help you successfully hide your tattoos for good. How to cover up wrist tattoo?

Don’t let your old ink stop you from living your best life! We’re here with everything you need to know about how to effectively hide those pesky tattoos that just won’t seem to disappear…

1. Use a Cover Up Tattoo

If there is a tattoo covering up another tattoo, then you can use that one to cover up the other. Cover-up tattoos are temporary tattoos that will cover the tattoo you want to hide. These are also called “tattoo transfers” or “transfer tattoos” and they look extremely realistic because they’re made from real ink and real tattoo machines. Most of them even have a shimmery reflective quality to resemble the natural skin surrounding your old ink. They are very easy to apply using water, rubbing alcohol or lotion – depending on what method you prefer. You can usually find these in your local drugstore or online at Amazon for about $2-3 each (or cheaper if you buy in bulk).

2. Use a Cover up tattoo remover

There are two types of cover up tattoos available – one is the actual tattoo you want to remove and the other one is just designed to cover up your old tattoo on top of it. You can choose the one that best fits your needs, but keep in mind that using a tattoo removal product between the layers will cause permanent damage to your skin. It’s best if you use an actual cover-up tattoo remover, even if it means shelling out some extra money for an expensive one. This way you can make sure that any damage you do is temporary and won’t have any long-term effects on your skin!

3. Use a Cover Up tattoo Kit

There are many kits available for those that want to put on the best tattoo cover up around. These are great because you can choose the colors and intensity of the tattoos. These kits can be used for any kind of cover up because there’s a variety of colors to choose from, but sometimes it may not suit your needs when it comes to covering up that particular old tattoo.

4. Use a Cover Up Kit with Inks

If you’ve already covered up your old tattoo with one or more colors, then you can apply a blend-in or overlay ink over top to cover any remaining white ink in the design. Additionally, some of the ink may have seeped through to your skin. Since you can’t do anything about that right now, you can use this same method to fix it. Blend-in or overlay inks are made of different colored inks and are a more permanent solution than cover up tattoo kits. However, if you don’t plan on hiding your tattoo for long, then a kit should be enough!

5. Use Body Painting

If you’ve already covered up your old tattoo with a cover up tattoo remover or kit but still have white ink showing through, then you can try using body-paint makeup over top to blend the top layer with the bottom layer. You will be able to see the body-paint makeup on top if you look closely, but it’s not very noticeable unless you know it’s there. You can also use this technique with a cover up kit or ink to blur over the white ink in your tattoo.

6. Use a Water Based Ink

You can also choose to use water-based tattoo inks as your cover up tattoo solution! These inks are available from most tattoo artists and can easily be blended with any other ink that is already on your skin. Choose a shade and intensity that suits your needs and then apply over top of all of the areas where you want to blend in with new single or blend-in or overlay inks or body paint. The only downside is you will have to wash your skin every single day to ensure that there are no stains or smudges from the ink.

7. Use a Spray In Ink

You can also use spray inks as your solution for covering up an old tattoo with a new one! These are used by many people because they’re incredibly discreet, easy to apply, and last forever. Unfortunately, these are only available through professional tattoo artists and it may take them some time to finish the job if you contact them directly.


As you can see, there are many ways to cover up old tattoos with new ones. The best way to choose what method you want to use is by determining how big the tattoo you want to cover up is and whether you need a temporary tattoo that will only last a few days or a permanent solution.


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