It’s Pixel 3xl dayz backgrounds time once more, and don’t worry, we got you covered. This one is a bit of an emergency update, though – with some pretty nifty improvements all around. We hope that these changes are to your liking, but if not then do feel free to contact us via email or twitter so that we can get your feedback!

2018 has been an absolutely amazing year for wallpaper quality on our end. The app has also gone through a lot of refinement in the hopes of providing the best possible experience for our beloved users. Pixel 3xl Dayz Backgrounds are no exception and they have been a bit of a slow grind since their initial release. Our goals for the new update were to make the backgrounds look as good as possible, while also trying to fix some of the small issues that we had reported to you.

A little bit of context for you on how these changes came about: we’re trying to improve our quality by making it so that you can choose which backgrounds are available on a per-device basis. That way, no matter if your phone has a slower processor, or if you use other apps that tax the system, you will always have access to the highest quality backgrounds. Of course, this process doesn’t happen quickly – especially when it comes to expanding the number of backgrounds to include – but they are definitely coming.

Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Pixel 3xl Dayz Backgrounds :

1. New Wallpaper Quality:

This update marks the first time that we are adding a new wallpaper quality to Pixel 3xl Dayz Backgrounds. You read that right – the app now has three qualities! Depending on how well your device is able to run backgrounds, you can choose between normal, high and extra high. If your phone can handle extra high then you will have access to a whole new level of background goodness.

2. Dayz:

While the last update was mostly focused on fixing issues and bringing you extra high quality backgrounds, this update focuses on one thing: getting rid of Dayz. Our implementation of Dayz is really buggy, and we’re not happy with it. It’s basically a feature that started out strong, but fell flat later on. We promise that this won’t happen again!

3. Improved Settings:

In addition to the new wallpaper quality, we would also like to get rid of Dayz and implement the new settings menu. In this menu you will find all the options that you need in order to remove Dayz from your background, as well as adjust how much (and for how long) it should be there. As mentioned already, we promise that this won’t happen again!

4. Fix For In-Game Options:

There has been a lot of confusion regarding the in-game options for Pixel 3xl Backgrounds and what they actually do, so let me clear things up for you. There are two ways to use the in-game settings for Pixel 3xl Backgrounds:

*All wallpapers that you have downloaded on your device will be downloaded again and will be available for you to download after the app is restarted.

*If you want to change your background again, then you will need to do that through the app’s settings menu. In this menu, tap “Select Background” and select a different wallpaper to use as your background.

5. Change Wallpapers During Dayz:

If you want to change your background again, then tap on the Pixel 3 logo in the Dayz part of the app. You will then be shown a new list of all backgrounds that you can select from. Please note that there are no new backgrounds included in this menu!

6. Backgrounds Will Now Download In The Background:

Or at least most of them will. Some wallpapers take longer to load than others, and this is because they have more content or are bigger in size. Regardless, they should be available for you to use while they’re loading – just make sure that you’ve restarted your phone before checking!

7. Minor Bug Fixes:

Here’s an easy way to find out if there’s anything else that is causing you problems with Pixel 3xl Dayz Backgrounds: restart your phone. Then, open the application and check for any errors. If there are any, we will fix them in future updates! (unless the problem is a bug that hasn’t been reported yet).

We hope that you find these changes helpful! If you have any questions regarding the application then please do not forget to contact us via email or social media. There is a Pixel 3 wallpaper that we definitely want to add to the app but we can’t do so until we get feedback from you. So if there’s a specific wallpaper that you want to see, then please let us know! We’re always listening. Pixel 3xl Dayz Backgrounds is free and will always be free. It includes both Live Wallpapers and Dayz backgrounds, as well as other content, such as announcements and news regarding Pixel 3xl Dayz Backgrounds only. You will get all of the new backgrounds and updates for free.


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