On the Move: How to Choose the Best Running Shoes

Running Shoes

Did you know that there are more than 18 million people in the United States that are registered to run in road races? Running is a great way to stay healthy while pushing yourself to find out what you’re truly capable of. In order to get the most out of your running experience, you need to invest in the best running shoes.

This means doing research into running shoes online and visiting stores with running shoes near me. There are also things that you need to take into account when you start trying to find running shoes that will be comfortable and meet all of your needs.

The good news is that you’ve discovered a helpful and fun guide that will make the next time that you purchase running shoes a breeze. Continue reading this article for more information.

Understand Pronation

A big part of finding the best running shoes for you is understanding the way that your body works. This is even more true for the lower half of your body. Pronation occurs as your foot hits the ground with each step or stride that you make. It happens as your foot’s heel hits the ground that the foot rolls into the toe.

The best way to step or stride involves your foot landing on the outside portion of the heel and then rolling up to the ball of your foot. This style of walking or running is important because it helps to take a ton of stress off of your body when you’re running.

If you overpronate then you’re putting extra stress on your feet, ankles, and knees every time that you go for a run. This is common for people that love running but that have flat feet or low arches. This impacts the type of running shoes that you look for as there are certain types and brands that are designed to help with your foot strike.

Look at Your Arch Type

Another important thing to look at when you’re looking to purchase running shoes is your arch type. There are three different types of arch types. They are low arches, normal arches, and high arches. The best way to determine what arch type your feet have is to do the “wet test”, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Get your feet wet and then step fully on a dry piece of concrete or newspaper. This will show you the shape of your footprint and help you get a better idea about the arch type of your feet. If you have low arches then the middle part of your foot will appear much more full on the concrete or paper.

If you have a normal arch then you’ll see a gradual but distinct curve in the middle part of your foot. If you have high arches then you’ll see a sharp curve in your footprint with a thin area that connects your heel and your toes. This is important to know when considering getting running shoes like the Nike Vapormax.

Start Shopping for Running Shoes

The looks of your running shoes aren’t everything but it is natural to want to pick out running shoes that match your personality or that have cool patterns and colors. Knowing how your foot works and the type of arches your feet have is important for when you start shopping for your next pair of running shoes.

A good way to figure out which shoes are a good fit (pun intended) for your needs is to look at the shape of the shoes. One type of shoe is the motion control running shoe. This shoe is all about support and will look very straight if you look at the bottom of the shoe. This is the perfect shoe for runners that have flat feet and a tendency to pronate too much when running.

Another shoe design is called the stability shoe design. This shoe has a bit of a curve to the shape and is designed for runners that have normal arches to their feet. This is a great shoe if you’re looking for something that provides a good amount of balance while still providing the support that you need when on a run.

There are also neutral cushioning shoes. These shoes have the most curve to them and you should have no problems finding this curve when picking them up and taking a look at them. They’re built for runners that have high arches. They help your feet to supinate which takes a lot of stress and pressure off of your body when you’re running.

Go to a Running Store

Once you have a better idea of the type and brand of shoes that you want you should visit a shoe store near you. This will give you the chance to try on the shoes you like and walk around in them. You’ll have a much better idea of the comfort that comes with wearing those shoes and how they feel on your feet.

It is important to focus on getting a running shoe that fits you best rather than what looks the coolest or is the biggest brand.

Make Sure the Shoes Fit

Before you drop the money on the choice to buy running shoes you should try them on and see how they feel on your feet when you’re running around. There is no point in spending money on new shoes if they don’t feel good on your feet. Resist the urge to get the coolest-looking running shoes and focus on the ones that feel the best on your feet.

Purchase Your Best Running Shoes Today

Getting new shoes is always an exciting time, and this is especially true if you’re a runner that is investing in the best running shoes for your body. Knowing how your feet work and the type of arches your feet have will go a long way towards helping you find running shoes near me.

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