For the past two years, I have been the voice of the living and the living room voice. I have read, heard, and watched every single news item and movie and I know what it is like to be the voice of the living and the living room voice.

This is my life. This is what I live for. This is what I was born to do. This is what I have to do to make this life. I am that voice, and I will be until the day I die.

The voice of the living room is so much about the living room. It’s about the people you surround yourself with, and it’s about how you interact with them day-to-day. It’s about your relationships and your friendships and how you interact with your friends. It’s about your interactions with the world around you. It’s about everything.

I can’t really remember a single word I said about my life. That’s where life comes from. You’re not going to stop me. You’re not going to stop me. You’ve already been through the very small amount of time I have given you in my life, and yet I cannot remember that. You’re not going to stop me. You’re not going to stop me. You’re not going to stop me.

The key word there is “you’ve.” Every time you’ve been close to someone, you’ve been given some sort of gift. A few years back the gift was love. Now its friendship, or maybe even friendship within the friendship. But the important thing is that you’ve been given some time. And time is something that most of us take for granted, but it isn’t something that we should lose.

Time is a precious commodity though. It comes in many forms. Every day, for example, youll receive a second mortgage payment. But every day, youve got to check your mail and see how your wife and kids are doing. Youve got to make sure youve got your family’s number so that you can call them a few days before a big outing. Youve got to eat your dinner at work. There are countless other everyday tasks that you have to accomplish.

Time is a precious commodity, and even when we take it for granted, its still something we need to take care of if we want to have a decent life. The same is true for the things we do. We don’t just need to check our email and see how our kids are doing, or we need to make sure we have a decent roof over our heads, or we need to make sure we have enough money to pay our bills. All of these things are important.

For example. The last time I checked my bank account, my balance was $5,000. It didn’t sound like a lot, but I was really happy with my progress. And then, on the same day, I saw an ad on the news. It said I needed to be in the top 10% of my income in order to qualify for a better life in this society.

Thats right. The news is reporting that the average American household is now earning more than $10,000. With taxes taken into account, that means that the average American family making more than $50,000 a year is now earning more than $10,000,000. That is a huge change. If you are making more than $100,000 a year, you are well on the way to a million dollars.


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