Produce This: What Are the 4 Parts of Video Production?


Are you trying to learn more about video production? Do you want to make the most of corporate video production?

No matter what reasons you have for producing a video, there are 4 main parts of the process that video production will follow. Knowing what these video production stages are can help you immensely, either when creating a video in-house or when working with a video production company.

Here are the 4 parts of video production that you need to know about.

1. Development

The first part of video production is development.

In the development stage, you’ll start developing an initial idea for a video and will consider all of the aspects of your plan and timeline. You’ll need to consider what the purpose of the video is, what you want an audience to do after seeing it, and what your vision of success will be.

2. Pre-Production

In the pre-production phase, you’ll need to start thinking about the specifics of how your video idea will be shot and completed.

This part of the process may include writing the script and creating storyboards for the video as well as hiring crew members and casting the video. Pre-production will also include securing equipment, scouting locations, and getting any other necessities ready for the video shoot.

Be sure that you take this stage seriously. Pre-production is necessary to ensure that every part of the production stage goes smoothly and that everything has been prepared adequately.

3. Production

Video production is the next part of video production.

If the development and pre-production stages have gone well, then shooting the video will be smooth and painless. During this stage, everyone involved will need to collaborate effectively and focus on what needs to get done.

This stage includes everything that goes into initially capturing the footage and audio for a video. In addition to the primary footage, b-roll footage may also be captured during this stage. If a video needs voiceovers, it will likely be recorded in this stage as well.

Recording great video footage can be a difficult task, so you’ll want to be sure to take the production stage seriously. If you want to be sure that you’re satisfied with your final video, hiring a video production company can be well worth it.

4. Post-Production

During the post-production stage, a producer and editor will begin to look over the videos that have been shot and the voiceovers that have been recorded. They’ll being to organize everything that has been recorded and start figuring out how it will all fit together.

The video will be edited and any music, sound effects, or voiceovers will be added as necessary. The video will be finalized with sound and color adjustments and titles and credits may also be added.

Understanding the 4 Main Parts of Video Production

If you’re thinking about producing a video, then you should be sure that you understand the 4 parts of video production. Make sure that you take time during each part of the process if you want to be happy with the end result.

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