Ready To Pop The Big Question? Here’s A Helpful Checklist


When you’re ready to get engaged, that is one of the most beautiful experiences of your life. What most people don’t realize, though, is that there are things you need to do before the proposal. 

Before you pop the question, you need to know where you’d want to start looking and how you want to plan the experience for your future bride. You’ll also want to think about how to tell your family and friends. 

Thankfully, we have all of the vital information you need for diamond rings and how to find one that will make that proposal as unique as possible.

Finding Out The Proper Size 

Now this one is tricky. Unless you’re being extremely clever, there’s no foolproof way to achieve this goal without tipping off your future bride. If you think you can guess from just looking, that might be a good idea, but many men are usually wrong. Another option is to see if she has any other rings that she likes to wear and find out the size without her knowing. 

If these methods don’t work, you may have to ask her directly, though you could deflect and say you’re getting a birthday present or something of that nature. If anything, she may know what’s going on, but the way you deliver it and what you choose will ensure that she’s still surprised. 

Looking At The Diamond Rings 

One of the things you should be aware of when looking at diamond rings is the color, cut, clarity, and style. For instance, diamonds are not just one color. You can get them in lovely pink, blue, green, yellow or more. In addition to this, you have unique shapes as well. Instead of just having around options, you have oval, pear, princess-shaped, and many other variations that make the ring more unique. 

The best rings will also have the best clarity and cut to ensure that they can stand out and make the person feel beautiful and elegant. However, one tip to keep in mind is to think about how the engagement ring will look against the wedding band, as most people like them to be uniform.

You need to know how many carats you want as well. A ring can be elegant and classy without many stones, but if that is what you think your intended audience would like, you have that option as well. The most important thing to consider is what will make your loved one happy. 

You’ll also need to ensure that you have chosen a reputable option with certified diamonds to know you’re getting the best in quality. Never go to a place that doesn’t have certification, as the jewels are most likely fake or unreputable. 

Hide The Ring Box Appropriately

While this may seem like a minuscule thing that doesn’t matter, but you’ll regret it if you don’t. If you leave it in your nightstand or underwear drawer, there is a ninety percent chance she will find it. Instead, hide it somewhere she would never think to look, like in an old shoebox. Just make sure it’s in a secure place out of sight. 

Telling The Family And Friends 

Telling family and friends is usually a little complicated because sometimes the couple doesn’t have that many family or friends, or in other cases, they may want to keep it private. If you do, however, have friends and family that you want to tell, you can do this in various ways. Many believe that the girl’s father should know as it’s tradition. You should also speak to the mother. These two are, of course, the traditional options for who you should tell first. 

However, it’s important to note that you don’t have to tell anyone that you don’t want to. Ultimately the choice is yours. Remember, if you don’t feel comfortable telling anyone, no one can ruin the surprise for your future wife. Some family members get too excited and can’t help themselves. When that happens, they could tell your prospective bride precisely what you don’t want them to. 

Now It’s Time To Plan

Now that you’ve taken care of getting the ring, you need to plan out how you will propose. This is a fantastic way to show how well you know her and what is important to her. For example, many couples are fans of historical fiction, and a video went viral of one man proposing to his love in a castle that reflected her favorite book series. In planning the process, you need to think about how to make this memorable for her so that you’ll remember it for years after.

The proposal process shows that you’re ready to commit to her and love her forever. There are as many ways to do it when you want to propose as there are people on the earth. Be creative and innovative while always keeping your love for each other in mind. Your future bride will have no different answer than yes!

Make Sure She Can Come To Your Surprise 

Before you set up reservations or take the next step to ensure that your future bride isn’t busy the night you want to propose, things come up, and she may have to work. As a result, you must be able to make sure that she has the night clear and that her friends or family know that she won’t be available. Remember that this night is about you and making it a special moment that the two of you will never forget. That becomes impossible to do if she doesn’t show up or someone calls her away.

Now You’re Ready To Propose

Now that you’ve seen the process of looking at diamond rings and proposing, you have a solid idea of what you should be thinking about. Find the ring that your future wife will love and ensure that you can plan something special for the two of you. In doing so, you’ll guarantee a yes!


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