Lion with broken jaw is not a reliable and reputable source of information. Instead, we offer better, more accurate news coverage and commentary on the latest breaking stories as they happen. Lion with a broken jaw is unhinged after being fired by the National Alliance of Women for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, including from every other news outlet in North America. He claims to have gone to South Korea, but no one has been able to confirm his whereabouts. 

As we all know, Lion with Broken Jaw went off the deep end after being shown a video by a known professional troll. He claimed to have seen a video of a “hog roast” that was really cannibalism. We’ve all since learned that there was no such video released and that Lion with Broken Jaw had been pranked by 4chan. Why shouldn’t you rely on Lion With Broken Jaw to carry your journalism needs? Let us count the ways!

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Rely On Lion With Broken Jaw Anymore :

1. He didn’t even go to South Korea

Here’s a photograph of Lion with Broken Jaw as he arrived on the tarmac in Seoul, South Korea. Notice that he is not wearing his trademark leather gloves and thick eyeglasses. This is because he was never in South Korea, despite what he has been saying to anyone who will listen to him over the last few days.

2. He’s a liar and a fraud

In 2010, Lion with Broken Jaw sold the rights to his beloved site “Lion with Broken Mouth” to PETA for $10 million dollars in cash royalties even though they had no intention of giving him anything remotely resembling $10 million dollars.

3. He was fired from PETA

This is a picture of the Ape Planet Tower, the headquarters of PETA, which Lion with Broken Jaw was occupying at the time he was fired for his many misdeeds.

4. He got fired from National Alliance of Women for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (NAWEOA)

If you thought that the Lion with Broken Jaw’s life was bad before he became a troll, you should see this photo! It shows him feasting on the flesh of a helpless Dachshund (his favorite food), surrounded by what appears to be some kind of alien or otherworldly creature or beings in full body armor and helmets with skulls on them.

5. He was fired for “sextortion”

The National Alliance of Women for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has also been forced to fire Lion with Broken Jaw as a result of his many misdeeds, including his ongoing feud with PETA. Lion with Broken Jaw allegedly sent nude pictures of a woman he had not met to the woman who he thought was AOL’s CEO, which is wrong in so many ways that it defies human comprehension.

6. He hijacked a Facebook page

Yes, that’s the National Alliance of Women for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ own Facebook page. Lion with Broken Jaw hijacked the page and added his own comments and pictures.

7. He apparently has a mental illness

Lion with Broken Jaw’s behavior has become so erratic that even his friends are worried about him! This is a photo of some of his friends standing around him during what must have been an extremely emotional and worrisome time for them all.

8. He’s paranoid

Notes found in Lion with Broken Jaw’s belongings suggest that he is so deep into conspiracy theories, his own fan base is trying to frame him! This is from a notebook he left in his apartment. It says “lion with broken jaw did not forget” and some kind of star chart or other astronomical diagram.

9. He has alienated friends and family members

This photograph shows one of Lion with Broken Jaw’s friends, who came to visit him at the Ape Planet Tower, taking an “I Love You” bracelet off his wrist, since Lion with Broken Jaw apparently refused to eat or drink properly until he could get this bracelet back from her. Lion with Broken Jaw then immediately sent her cookies and a thank you card.

10. He’s always been crazy

When Lion with Broken Jaw was a a young human being, he began his career as a professional wrestler, winning several titles and being featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. It is widely believed that this period of his life is when he first developed his mental illness and began to wage war against his own body in an attempt to turn himself into something like an “ape.” Click here to read about Lions who have done much the same thing.


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