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I used to think that there wasn’t exactly a consensus on what types of crimes and the punishments for them were, but I am starting to see this as a false assumption.

In the US, there are a few specific crimes that warrant incarceration and/or execution, but the vast majority of crimes are treated as civil violations and the punishment is the same as if it were a misdemeanor. There are a few, though, that are very serious crimes that can result in incarceration for several years. One of those is the murder of a police officer, as a result of the officer killing someone while in the course of his duty.

This is the case of Sgt. Robert Rios Jr. of the Los Angeles Police Department. In the early hours of Dec. 13, 2005, Rios, a Los Angeles Police officer, was shot and killed after responding to an armed robbery call in a parking lot in the city’s South Bay. The shooting occurred just one block from Rios’s home, but it was not clear at the time why Rios was shot.

Rios was shot three times. The first bullet entered his back at an angle that caused him to lose his grip on a handgun. The second shot struck his head, killing him instantly. The third bullet entered his left thigh, causing him to fall. But rather than die, he simply became a vegetable, a “suicide” according to the LA coroner.

No one can be as stupid as a man who finds a gun and then uses it to shoot his way through security. The main reason why a gun should have a chance at survival is that it can be used to kill something else. If you look at a poster for the movie “The Last Turd” (see here), you can see that the bullet was fired by a member of the security.

Salinas is a city in California. I was very surprised by the coroner’s report. Apparently he shot himself through his left thigh because he couldn’t find the gun he had used to kill the security. Obviously he knew he was in danger, but he got a surprise when he found the gun. I know that I am very unlikely to go out shooting, so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. I just hope no one else uses a gun to kill themselves.

The fact that he shot himself through his left thigh is not a surprise, but the fact that the bullet was fired by a member of the security just says a lot. As a police officer myself, I often wonder if there is not a better way to save someone’s life.

We have a couple of theories about why he did it. First, he may have been trying to get himself killed in the first place. I doubt Colt would have been so stupid as to get himself killed by someone he knew was going to kill him. I think the fact that he was shooting at the security and not at himself says a lot. In the third video, Colt tells Colt “I hope you’re satisfied,” and Colt replies “I think I am.

I don’t know why Colt would say this, but I think this is an example of our “insidious” approach to police work. It’s why I don’t give him a pass for being an ass. I think he was making a point with this, but I have no idea what it is.

It’s not just cops that are assholes. In this video, Colt says he’s gonna get out of here, and then he goes into a gunfight with an officer. I mean, that isn’t the most polite way to say “I hope youre satisfied.


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