Unifi Chrome is a browser extension which makes it easier for the user to manage their WiFi and personal hotspots. This extension, created by Unifi, has won numerous awards such as Canvas Award and Red Herring. With its unique design, aimed at making the experience of managing WiFi easier than ever before, it is no wonder why this is one of the most popular extensions on Google’s Chrome Web Store. Unifi chrome plugin is a must-have for all those using the Google chrome browser.

  • Better Speed Than Ever Before

Unifi is a hotspot management tool which is aimed at making the whole process of managing your WiFi easier. It has two main features, one allows you to switch between hotspots and other networks without much hassle. The second feature is called WiFi speed test. With this feature, it is easy to check how fast your network or any other network is, that you might be connected too. This makes it easier for every user using their laptop to make sure that they are on a good network and not one which slows down their internet connection.

Seven Features Of Unifi Chrome Plugin That Make Everyone Love It :

1. Switch Between Networks

You can now switch between networks without too much hassle. With the help of this feature, you will be able to manage your networks in a better way. All you have to do is click on the icon and select the network which you wish to connect to, that’s it! You can now browse freely with no issues.

2. Check Your Speed

Unifi Chrome Plugin also allows users to check their speed easily and fast. The speed test feature helps users to make sure that they are on a good network and not one which slows down their connection.

3. Easy Set Up

Setting up the network is quite easy with this extension! Just simply choose the network you wish to connect to from the list and get ready to have a better online experience. You will also be prompted with a progress bar while setting up your networks. The progress bar is a good way of knowing what stage you are at in the process, allowing you to set it up at a faster rate than before. This can be seen when you click on the device name on the left hand side of the toolbar, there will be an option that says “Proceed” which contains different stages that you are assuming in completing your setup.

4. See Speed At A Glance

Unifi also includes a mini speedometer, which is another way of telling you how fast your network is. If you are having trouble with the connection, this tool will be able to tell you if it is due to your network or the website which you are trying to access. If it is your network, then it will tell you which WiFi channel is giving the most output. By doing this you won’t have to worry about going from one WiFi channel to another just because one gives better speed than another.

5. Simple Controller For Hotspot Settings

The unifi chrome extension allows users to control their hotspots in a quite easier way than before. All you have to do is right-click on the hotspot icon on the toolbar, and select properties or manage. With this feature, it is easy to check if there are any settings that need to be changed. This can help increase network security, performance, and reliability than before.

6. Easier To Access Shared Wifi Hotspots

With the help of this extension, it is now easier for users to find and access hotspots on their device. While using the unifi chrome extension, you will be able to quickly find shared Wifi hotspots with ease. This makes it easier for users to find any public WiFi networks without too much hassle. It is always best to access public WiFi networks from the public WiFi only network found under the settings.

7. Browse The Internet Safely

This extension also includes a feature called “https Everywhere” which will make it easier for users to browse the internet safely. With this feature, it is possible for your browser to automatically connect with secure sites on any website, which will make browsing the internet quite convenient for you and your friends as well.

How To Install Unifi Plugin For Google Chrome?

Step #1 : Open Up your Google Chrome Browser & Then Click On The “Chrome Menu” Button

Step #2 : Select “More Tools” and then select Extensions. You will see a list of extensions. Click on Unifi from that list

Step #3 : Now, you will be prompted to allow the extension to access your information and install it. Choose “Yes” and wait for it to finish installing.

Step #4 : Once finished installing, click on the Unifi extension and select “Turn On” from the menu.

Step #5 : You will be redirected to unifi.ubnt.com/connect page upon successful login where you have to select your SSID (network) and enter the password for that SSID. Once done, simply click on “Connect”.


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