In order to be fashionable, you don’t need a lot of money or a vast wardrobe. Most importantly, you need to feel good about yourself. Plus fashion 2016 is about more than just buying new clothes; it’s about figuring out who you are and what you want. Here are seven simple things to remember about fashion (and life).

1. You Are More Than What You Wear

There’s this idea (which I think is very damaging) that your clothing defines you. That can happen in a very good way, when something tells you that you’re unique and special. But most of the time we define ourselves through what we wear, to the point where people say things like “Wow, she’s so trendy” or “I love her style”. 

There’s nothing wrong with having a strong sense of style (it makes you stand out from the crowd). But if your clothes say more about who you are, than who YOU actually are, then it’s time to reconsider what you wear Plus Size Coats For Women.

2. You’re Only As Beautiful As You Realize You Are

I’m not saying that you have to be the kind of girl who sits in front of the mirror for hours and draws up a complex plan on how to achieve the perfect look. But I am saying that you don’t have to hold yourself back from looking at yourself through an objective lens. We all make mistakes, but so long as we learn from them and aren’t afraid to admit them, they can help us grow. 

In their book “The Mirror Effect: What Women Really Look For In A Man”, Twenge and Campbell say “Studies show that women with high self-esteem value themselves more highly than less-confident women”. So look in the mirror and think “I’m beautiful”, not “I wish I looked like her”.

3. You Don’t Need To Be Perfect For Anybody

No matter how much you might want to impress someone, it’s not worth turning yourself into a pretzel or getting plastic surgery if it means making yourself miserable just so they’ll like you. It’s fine to want to be better, but don’t make anyone your absolute priority (not even yourself). Don’t confuse infatuation with love; and even if you’ve found that special someone, take things slowly and make sure they’re right for you. Above all, be yourself!

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Unconventional

You don’t have to get the cute skirts and dresses that everyone else is wearing or have the latest cell phone or shoes. You can be unique while still being stylish. So if you like wearing neon green, go ahead. If you think thigh high boots are really cool, buy one pair, even if it means sacrificing a new outfit for your party outfit. Wear what makes you happy!

5. This Isn’t About You

No matter what your friends or family say, your happiness and part of being a strong person is realizing that you’re not in this world to please others. We do the best we can for other people, but that doesn’t mean we need to be controlled by other people’s opinions or rules. If you really want something (aside from money and fame), keep going towards it long after everyone else gives up. If you want to do something creative, pursue it until you finally gain success. And if someone tells you you can’t do something because “it’s not done this way”, answer them with “well good luck trying”.

6. Embrace Your Curves

Having curves isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes it can make it harder to be taken seriously. If you don’t feel confident, dress your best and always stand up straight. If you feel comfortable with them, embrace your curves by wearing more clothes that flatter your figure (not all clothes are created equal). 

Don’t be afraid to get a little bit bigger or sturdier and add some curves. You don’t have to starve yourself or stick to a particular fashion style just because one person doesn’t like it; especially since there’s so many styles of fashion out there for everyone to choose from!

7. Finally: You Are More Than Just Something To Look At

I know you may be thinking “meh, that was pretty obvious”. But the truth is: most people don’t acknowledge the fact that they are more than just a body. I know it’s easy to get caught up in what other people think about you, but try to remember that you’re more than just a pretty face or an attractive physique. You’re smart, funny, creative and caring. You aren’t just something to look at; you’re something to be with.


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