Seven Ugly Truths About Modeling


Modeling is one of the most popular industries on the planet. Though it does not come without its challenges, it looks easy from the outside. The truth is that modeling has a lot of ugly truth about it, like no other industry. Ey valuation and business modeling is crucial, but that is not enough. You must also be aware of the following ugly truths about modeling. Seven Ugly Truths About Modeling :

1. Pain can go on for days

Modeling is no walk in the park. The first and most obvious ugly truth about modeling is that it comes with pain, sometimes severe pain. It can take days before a model recovers from the pain caused by a certain kind of make-up, costume or hair styles. 

Some of them even have to have medical attention during a photo shoot job, because they are on the verge of keeling over from pain. This is one of the biggest challenges you are likely to face in modeling, and if you fail to prepare for it early enough, it could lead to permanent damage both physically and psychologically.

2. You’ve gotta look pretty

Modeling industry always has to tell a pretty story. It’s no secret that being ugly is a major setback for the model career. Most of the straight-up ugly models make it to the top because they are very pretty, and that can get them more exposure and good modeling jobs. 

That’s why you want to be pretty for your modeling career, but what about people who are not? Famous models such as Cindy Crawford or Christie Brinkley didn’t look like supermodels as children, but they managed to make it through anyway. It is true that if you manage to look attractive enough, then all other problems you have in your life will disappear, even if it is just temporarily.

3. They make you pay for your flight

It is true that models usually get paid a very good amount of money for their modeling job. However, most of them have to pay for their flight themselves as well. It is actually a little more expensive than you think. It costs around $1,000 USD just to fly from Canada to New York. Add another $800 USD to cover additional expenses like hotel rates, etc and it gets really expensive. As a result, many models choose to split the price of the fare with their friends or family members, which is definitely not on the list of the ugly truths about modeling.

4. They don’t pay you

Even though they tell you that you will be paid a good amount after the shoot, that is not always the case. Models on average get only a few hundred dollars for each set, which isn’t enough to cover a decent rent. And that means you have to pay your own way. 

Let’s assume that it takes 10 hours of your day to make sure everything goes smoothly. That means that you need at least $10 USD per hour just to make sure it goes well, and there are no expenses involved. You may think that this is not very much, but when you consider the fact that modeling costs up to $2 or $3 per hour, it becomes quite expensive actually!

5. You have to be a size zero

You will have to be at least a size zero before you can start modeling professionally. That is something that most people don’t realize, especially those who are not very familiar with the modeling industry. If you are not at least 120lbs, then you will simply be too big for the job. 

Models need to look as thin as they can in order to get more attention from their audience and also attract more clients in their career. Make sure that you stay away from fad diets as well because they could cost you your health in the long term. Fad diets work by starving your body, which makes your metabolism slow down dramatically and make your body store fat much quicker than normal.

6. The worst part of a modeling career is the posing

The ugly truth about modeling is that most of your time in the industry will be spent posing for photos. Many models liken it to being in an uncomfortable and painful, but uncomfortable and painful situation. The downside is that they often go on this kind of work even when they are not busy. But the upside is that they make a lot of money doing so. This has led many models to spend long hours posing for photos all day, because it can lead to a lucrative modeling career one way or another, which gives it its own kind of beauty!

7. They don’t pay you well

Though most models tend to make a lot of money in the modeling industry, they don’t make it very much of the time. The ugly truth about the modeling industry is that they often go underpaid for their work. It is not uncommon for models to work for days on end and be paid very little in return. 

It is not uncommon to accept a pay of $100 per day or below in order to get some experience or gain exposure for your modeling career. Some models also have to work for free, but if you want to avoid being treated like that, then you need to prove yourself at every opportunity and prepare your portfolio meticulously, so that it can help you get more jobs as well.

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