After serving up several hundred lunches this week at a local school, the Indian vegan experiment menu is no longer an experiment. Each day the students from North High School in Des Moines come to eat and I find myself in awe at how much healthier their lunch has become. My recipe choice for these lunches included some of my favorite vegetarian Indian recipes and now that it’s summertime I’ve been able to whip up some delicious iced treats like these mango milkshakes made with fresh mangoes. 


We’re overjoyed at the transformation of just one school’s lunch menu and it just goes to show how so many other vegan dishes can make your life better in so many ways. Podcast podcasts about vegan meat substitutes. Interviews with people involved in the food industry about new developments and trends for vegan products; recipes that are useful for healthy diet are also featured. Also a section of the site where people can submit recipes which will then be reviewed and added to one or more sections on the site.


Seven Unexpected Ways Indian Vegan Experiment Menu Can Make Your Life Better :

1. Losing weight


Of course one of the most common reasons people start eating healthier is because they want to lose weight. But the reality is that if you want to lose weight and keep it off, there are lots of other ways that can help you do so. You can use Indian vegan experiment recipes that are high in protein and low in fat like this delicious Quinoa Biryani; or try making a salad with good-quality olive oil, a few slices of avocado and some bread crumbs. Or go for a healthy smoothie for breakfast instead of something with more calories and fat like pancakes or waffles.


2. Prolonging life


Recent studies have shown that the longer you live, the less likely you are to die suddenly. Of course the risk of dying from a long and healthy life is still low; but eating better can help prolong your own life even more. But there are lots of other reasons to start eating better and try out this Indian vegan experiment menu, especially if you suffer from any kind of heart disease or high blood pressure. For example, some versions of this recipe include onions and chilis; both are known for lowering cholesterol levels and may also help regulate blood pressure.

3. Preventing cancer


More than 2/3rds of all cancers in India can be prevented like this Indian vegan experiment menu does. It contains foods that are known to be good sources of antioxidants and necessary nutrients that can help protect against cancer. This vegan meal is also a good source of calcium and B vitamins.

4. Lowering cholesterol levels


The higher your cholesterol, the more likely you will develop heart disease in later life. Eating more healthy foods like this Indian vegan experiment menu can help lower your cholesterol level, which means reducing the risk of heart disease significantly at an early age. We recommend this recipe because it includes chilies and onions, both of which are used in curries all over India for their cholesterol-lowering benefits.

5. Lowering blood pressure


This recipe also contains lots of health-boosting foods like chilies, tomatoes, onions and garlic, that are known to not just lower cholesterol levels but also help lower blood pressure. If you suffer from high blood pressure it is important to eat more whole grains and legumes like this vegan meal does. This recipe is a good start because it’s easy to make and a great way to introduce your family to Indian vegan experiment recipes.


6. Preventing diabetes


As I mentioned earlier heart disease is the most common cause of death in India, because it’s the leading cause of fatal stroke as well. But diabetes is already listed as the # 1 cause of blindness in India. Many experts have now discovered that diabetes is caused by high blood sugar levels and their new research suggests that the ancient traditional Indian diet is full of low glycemic index foods, which means they release sugar into the blood at a slower and more controlled rate, making it harder to get too high and also easier to get back to normal after eating. Wow, if this isn’t an unexpected way Indian vegan experiment menu can make your life better then I don’t know what is!

7. Lowering triglycerides


Triglycerides are a blood fat that increases in the blood when you eat too much fat and also when you don’t get enough exercise. Eating more healthy foods like this Indian vegan experiment menu and also getting more exercise can lower your triglyceride levels significantly which means less risk of heart disease. Of course, lowering your cholesterol is also important, so if you have high cholesterol it’s very important to keep your cholesterol levels low.


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