The divorce rate is the highest dave cooley full house it’s been in 40 years, with over 17 million children caught in the middle of those divorcing parents. It’s not surprising, then, that family law has become a big topic of discussion among consumers. The internet has made accessing information about custody law much easier than ever before, and you don’t even need to leave your house for it!


Custody law is a family law category that applies to the legal rights and obligations of parents in regard to their children. Generally speaking, parents have joint custody, or joint legal custody, which means the child is in the custody of both parents. This means that both the mother and father are responsible for making decisions about their child’s healthcare, education and welfare. Custody law also governs issues like how long one parent can keep the other from their child by using bad behavior as an excuse.

2. The Impact OF CUSTODY LAW On Divorcing Parents

Unfortunately, this form of shared custody rarely happens without a fight. The challenge for attorneys, judges and consumers is that the parent who seeks sole custody frequently does not want to give up any potential for contact with their child. So the battle often goes on for years after a divorce, even if you have joint custody.

3. It’s NOT Always A “Winner” Becomes The “Loser”

Custody law is often a big issue in divorces, but it doesn’t necessarily end up with one party being the winner as much as it does with parents having to compromise and make some concessions. Divorcing parents will often have a chance to get together after they have had their time apart, so they can work out a deal that will hopefully satisfy both of them.

4. The Impact OF CUSTODY LAW On Children

A divorce has a huge impact on children and it’s no surprise that custody law is a big issue. If a single parent can’t make decisions on their own, that can be problematic, especially if the other parent is not very active in making decisions either. That’s why it’s important to work out custody issues before you need to make any major decisions about your child’s future.

5. The Impact OF CUSTODY LAW On Judges

Judges are typically not involved in most divorces until arguments over custody arise. They will frequently try to act as mediators and help parents come up with an amicable solution for their child’s care when the parents aren’t able to agree themselves.

6. What To Do IF You ARE In An Alleged Custody Dispute

Divorced parents are often looking to get out of their agreements so they can be free to make decisions on their own. That’s why it’s extremely important to have an attorney on your side that can simply guide you through the process, rather than trying to determine who is telling the truth and advising you which steps to take.

7. How To Effectively Fight For Custody In CASES Where YOU DO NOT HAVE CUSTODY

In most cases, it makes complete sense for a parent to fight for custody of their child if they don’t have custody. If you can prove that the other parent is unfit to care for their child, then it’s safe to assume that your ex will gain custody, which means you’ll lose your rights as a parent.

8. Things To Consider When Choosing A Family Law Attorney

Finding an attorney who will work for less than what is expected and still offer exactly what you need can be very difficult. Instead of shelling out a large sum of money, consider working with a family law attorney who has experience in handling custody cases in addition to domestic violence cases or criminal defense in general. They may also be able to manage your case on a pro-bono basis, so there are no upfront fees at all!

9. Keys To A Successful Custody Agreement

A successful custody agreement will have many points to it and will consider the needs of both parents and the child. It can be difficult to come up with an agreement that pleases everyone and protects the child from harm, so finding a legal professional who understands just how important each point is could make or break your chances at reaching an agreement.

10. Rights Of Each PARTY In The Custody Battle

Parents are guaranteed their rights as parents under the constitution, but they also have to respect their children’s rights as well. That’s why state laws exist that dictate the rights of each party in a custody dispute. They may also have to consider the court’s jurisdiction, which basically means that they are bound to the state’s laws in order to avoid controversy in the custody agreement.

11. Custody Disputes: What To Do In The Event OF A NO CONTACT ORDER

There will always be tension between a divorced couple which is why you need an attorney that understands how to manage those issues and prevent them from arising in the first place. It’s very important to constantly monitor these situations so no child is harmed and everyone agrees on a custody agreement beforehand.


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