The 10 Hottest Items in Your Store: The Secret to Selling More


When you’re trying to sell more of your products, it can seem daunting when you’re up against an entire high-end market. But did you know that a lot of people aren’t buying the things they really want? 

That’s because a lot of items in your store are going under the radar. 

In this blog, we’ll show you the 10 hottest items in your store and how to sell more each day with them alone!

While sales figures may vary from month to month, these ten items will get customers coming back daily for their fix. Here’s how it works: You start by adding one or two new products into your repertoire that offer a similar experience at half price. Fomoco News has some more tips for selling the hottest items in your store.

Then you add them to the bottom of your sale page. For example, maybe there’s a discount on a cup of coffee (or tea, or juice) and you’ll get a good response to it. 

You can make sure that this item is always at the bottom and done in the same way, so people come to know exactly what they’re buying when it goes on sale.

The holidays are almost upon us, and many of you have a store to prepare for. Knowing what’s going to fly off the shelves is a marketer’s dream-come-true, and we’re giving you an inside scoop! 

Here are the ten hottest items in your store this season, guaranteed to sell out before Christmas Eve arrives. Sell early and often for maximum profits!

1) The world’s cutest animal plushies. 

These things start at just $2.50 each, but they get snatched up so fast that you’ll need a whole bunch of them on hand lest they be gone by 11:00 AM on Black Friday morning. 

Make as many as you need with one easy purchase, and keep a few in stock after the holiday rush is over. if your customers want them, they will find a way to buy them! 

2) The most expertly-chosen selection of decor. 

When your customers want a really special Halloween display or a perfect Christmas tree, they often don’t just settle for the first thing that catches their eye. They look deeper and dig more thoroughly into your website’s search results. 

You’d be surprised how many of those out there are just as good as more expensive merchandise-and not everyone can afford it! Shop around and you’ll find that no matter what kind of store you run, people will keep coming back for more. 

3) A mighty collection of gummy candies to please all palates. 

They’re so bright and colorful, it’s hard not to spot these delicious treats right away. Stick ’em in a bowl or arrange them in a display case, and you won’t be able to keep your customers away! Supplement with some plain old gum for older shoppers who want to mix things up, plus some clear bags or sweet jars of candies that people will want to show off.

4) The best selection of personalized jewelry. 

The holidays are all about getting gifts for other people, but what about the stuff you get for yourself? These necklaces are trendy treats that everyone seems to love… and they’re custom made, so you never have to worry about getting something that doesn’t fit just right. 

5) A huge range of hair accessories. 

These are more fun than ever, and customers love showing them off to their friends. Everybody wants something new and different, even if it’s just for a short time… and one of these pretty little trinkets is the perfect solution! 

6) A seemingly endless supply of pocket notebooks. 

People are especially eager to do some writing during the holidays, whether it be wrapping up their holiday shopping or taking notes at special events like parties or concerts. 

Pick the right style for each occasion, and you’ll have customers writing away in no time. And don’t forget to pick up some colored pencils so you can personalize them with their own theme! 

7) The most adorable selection of memo pads.

It’s hard to find a pretty notebook that holds up to 50 pages, but this one does! And don’t forget the crayons, markers, markers for drawing hands, erasers, stampers and other tools that help kids keep track of their thoughts during the holidays. Some friendly competition among friends will keep everyone busy scribbling until New Year’s Eve! 

8) The very best selection of stocking stuffers. 

There are all sorts of traditional stocking stuffers, but the “best selection” means you’ll have them all-even the cute teddy bear plushies that can be attached to a collar! These are just as super-soft as the ones that sell out every year.

9) Some really good ice cube molds 

Everyone knows an ice cube is just an ice cube, but these molds are made for chocolate! They keep your customers’ hands clean and let them enjoy their favorite treat without having to worry about getting chocolate hands. 

10) A selection of giant-sized candy bars. 

There are also all sorts of big-sized candy bars, but these are the kind that make your customers want to eat them even if they don’t have a sense of humor! You can’t go wrong with Snickers, M&Ms, Twix or Almond Joy, which are just as tasty in bulk as when they’re served by the pound. 

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