The 8 Best Things About Wentworth Movie


Wentworth movie is an Australian television drama series. It debuted in SoHo on 13 May 2013. Wentworth is one of the most popular TV shows in Australia and it’s also screened in New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Ireland. I hope that this article will help you to choose a new TV show to watch. The movie is wentworth filmed in australia.

Here are the best 8 things about Wentworth movie:

1. Great cast and great acting

The cast of Wentworth is composed by Nicole da Silva , Kate Atkinson , Natalie Imbruglia , Rakie Ayola , Matt Day , Craig Halloran, Grégory Fitoussi, Ailsa Piper, Lisa Hogg and Tasma Walton. You will enjoy the acting by these amazing actors in Wentworth .

2. Great story and a great soundtrack for every episode 

There are many important moments in the movie Wentworth . In every episode you will get to know new characters in this incredible story.

3. Great directing by Geoffrey Dean 

There are many directors who want to become a famous director but very few manage to do it. Geoffrey Dean is one of the lucky few who can be called a great director.

4. Great cinematography and editing 

There are many cinematographers who have to make a great picture with their camera. Geoffrey Dean has chosen some great shots in each episode of the series which makes this film perfect. A good movie requires good cinematography and good editing. Without them, it can be difficult to make an excellent TV series like Wentworth .

5. Great production 

It’s not an easy task to produce a movie like Wentworth. The designers, the writers and the actors need to work hard to make it successful. A great work requires a lot of effort and dedication from everyone involved in the project. Wentworth is one of those TV shows that are a proof of how great production can influence the quality of your product.

6. Great characters and excellent actors

In Wentworth, you will find a great story with even greater characters. The cast will help you to enjoy the movie from the very first episode. If you want to watch a great TV series, Wentworth is the one for you.

7. Great stories and one of the best Australian TV shows of all time

The show has become one of the greatest Australian TV shows in history. It’s also screened in many other countries around the world including New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Canada and many more countries. This means that its popularity is increasing all year long..

8. The best 10 episodes of Wentworth are:

1. Kate and the Korgs – This episode is loaded with action, drama scenes and great acting. It starts with an introduction of new characters. After that, it moves to a big action scene which will make you feel so much tension in your body.

2. I Am a Hero – This episode will make you laugh and enjoy every part of it. A rock band once tried to get back to their old band members but the management got angry at them because they always tried to make them look bad like a thief  and an idiot.

3. Blood From A Stone – As the title suggests, it’s about a man who died during a mission and his daughter is trying to find him.

4. The Scent of Blood – It’s all about two brothers who were asked by their mother to find the killer of their father who was a police officer. He was killed after he arrested some people for murder .

5. Blood Brothers – This episode will make you feel sad but it’s also great for those viewers who love drama and action scenes. There are many action scenes in this episode which will make you amazed.

6. The Kindness of Strangers – It’s about a girl who felt alone until she met an old couple and had dinner with them every sunday morning .

7. Driving Under The Influence – A 15 years old boy had a great experience with his family when they drove under the influence.

8. Number Three – This episode is a little bit different from other episodes because it’s all about flashbacks and memories of two prisoners who were in prison for 20 years . At the same time, there was someone who was trying to find them.

9. Filthy Lucre – It’s about two women and their plan to steal money from someone who yelled at them on the road .

10. Deadfall – It’s about a mother and her husband who wanted to rob $20 million from someone who stole it from her company .


Wentworth is one of the best Australian TV shows in 2013 and it’s not just acted by great actors but also directed in a very interesting way. I hope that you’ve found this article about 8 best things about the movie Wentworth useful for your needs. You just need to watch it . 

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