The 9 Best Things About 2000s Fashion


The best decade for fashion was the 2000s, so you may be asking “Why?”

The 2000s emo fashion is the decade that many of your favorite stars were born and more importantly, it’s when high-waisted denim jeans and dresses looked extra cute. It was an era where fashion was a time to stand out rather than be like everyone else. And with these 9 facts, it’s almost easier to just say goodbye to the 2000s and reminisce about all that we loved about this wonderful era.

1-Denim Jeans: 

2000’s denim jeans were much lower on the waistline than modern day versions. Whether you had a tighter or looser fit, you couldn’t help but feel the sexiness of your figure. The popular material was a hit because it fit most any body type and even those who weren’t super skinny could wear them without looking too big up top.

2-Shopping Bags: 

Your ’90s backpacks from high school were nothing compared to how cool these ones were. Backpacks were all the craze in the 2000s, and they gave anyone who wanted to stand out a chance to steal the limelight. We’re talking different colors and designs, such as the black backpack that was popular in the ’00s.


The 2000s was when emojis rose to popularity and wireless communication became a thing. Emoji’s are basically symbols that you can use whenever you want to express yourself with a dorky face or heart or what have you. They were used in text messages, emails, instant messaging…you name it! But the coolest thing about emojis weren’t just communicating with other people, they were also an indicator of one’s generation at that time.


2000s fashion was all about bling and embellishing everything. It started with earrings and bracelets and ended with necklaces, rings, wallets and watches. There was no difference between day and night in terms of bling. Whether you wore it to a party or a work function, the ’00s were all about the glitzy look.

5-Nail Art: 

If you wanted to stand out in the 2000s, you had to be bold with your nails. From neon colors to sparkling studs and glittering strips, no one ever waived about doing something unusual with their nails. Models from the world’s top fashion houses who graced the covers of magazines like Vogue had a very sassy way of showing off their nails that perfectly reflected their time period. The nails were painted in a variety of colors, including bright reds and pinks.


Necklaces were made of intricate beaded designs in the 2000s. They completely blew away the necklaces that came before them, and most of all, they showed off your fashion sense without being too flashy about it. The 2000s weren’t just about studs and earrings, but necklaces as well. Chokers were the most popular pieces. You could find chokers in leather, feathers or ropes at your local vintage store for a good price. They came in different colors of black, brown, gold or silver and really made a statement when you wore them around your neck.


Bags were the one thing that people living in the 2000s couldn’t stop using. Purses had a new look in this decade, and bag colors were almost more diverse than even the nail polish colors at that time. The bucket bags were particularly popular. Earrings and necklaces were popular, but the most essential accessory of the 2000s was your handbag. There were so many amazing styles, including miniature designer purses. A lot of designers started making fabulous purses or little bags that were perfect for daily use.


Vintage clothing is all the rage now, but it was even more popular back then. You could always find vintage clothes at your local thrift store and if you were lucky, you’d find a piece that was unique and one of a kind. If you weren’t into bling, you could always choose to dress up in vintage fashion from the ’00s. Vintage stores became a place for people with an eye for fashion to find their favorite pieces like jackets, dresses and sweaters. It was also a place for vintage junkies to find very cheap but fashionable new clothes.

9-Dressy Casual: 

You could dress up or dress down with the ’00s and still get fierce. If you wore clothing that didn’t fit your body type, it was pretty obvious that you were dressing down. The most important fashion tip of the 2000s was to dress in a way that reflected your personality. There was no need to wear fancy business suits or skirts that were too long, when all you had to do was throw on some jeans and a cute shirt and you were good to go.


In conclusion, the ’00s are long gone but their trendy styles and fashions will always be remembered. While we can’t go back in time and live in that era again, we can still look at pictures of the 2000s for a little dose of nostalgia.

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