The A – Z Of Sixkiller Gaming House


The Sixkiller Gaming House is an online platform specifically for gamers of all types, including those who have yet to make the jump into competitive play. Here you will have access to the members only forum, hosted by the lovely Katarina Sixkiller herself! Whether your goal is to get better at gaming or simply find new people to count on in party games, this site will help take your skills up several notches.

The A – Z Of Sixkiller Gaming House

A is for Assignments

Assignments are a great way to receive points. You will receive one point per five assignments received.

B is for Being a Team Player

Being a team player not only helps the community and members but it also benefits you, providing you with 3 Points per post in the community. You may also be invited to special events at the gaming house if you are well liked. 

C is for Credits: Green, Blue, Red and Gold

The Gold credits are your currency to use around our website and forum. Silver, blue and green credits can be bought through our site or Facebook page using PayPal (

D is for Credits

Credits are your currency within the site. You can use them to buy items from the Marketplace, submit articles onto the Blog and buy gifts and other perks from our store.

E is for Elite Members 

Elite members are those users who have earned over 10,000 credits in total. These members will have their applications reviewed by a special selection of staff and will be invited to live chat with the other elite members in an exclusive chat room on the forum! 

F is for Forum – General Discussion Forum

The general discussion forum is where you can post anything, as long as it’s appropriate and has something to do with gaming in some way or another. All posts are subject to moderator approval and removal at any time.

G is for Games 

The games area of the website is a place for you to meet new gamers to play your favorite games. 

H is for Help Centre

The help section is where you can ask questions about anything from setting up your account, using the forum or even buying items in our store! You’ll be able to access this section once you have signed up for an account. 

I is for Inviting Friends 

Inviting Friends or Accepting Invites will allow members to invite friends if they want them added into the waiting list or accepted into the site. You can also view a list of people who have sent you an invite to join. 

J is for Jobs

The job center is where you can apply for work from within the community. You may be asked to edit one of our video’s, write a blog or simply just help moderate our site and forums! If you show commitment, we may also offer you a position on our ‘Sixkiller Squad’ where we will assign gaming-related tasks around the site. 

K is for Kata Katarina Sixkiller 

She is the owner and founder of The Sixkiller Gaming House. She is responsible for all videos, blogs posts and pictures found on the site as well as creators of new features that benefit the community.

L is for Leaderboard

The Leaderboard is a place for you to view your rank and points. You can also view the ranks of other members if you want to see where you rank among them. 

M is for Members

This page is responsible for showing a list of all active members, providing details of each person such as their username, points and credits. The list also shows which forums they have posted in and which videos they have voted on as well as which videos they have recorded on the video wall. 

N is for News 

The news section of our website will be updated daily with all the latest gaming news from around the world.

O is for Out of Stream

The out of stream page is where you can find all the audio files for videos posted onto the site. You may also wish to check out your own video’s and vote on what you think would be a good topic for additional recording. 

P is for Profile 

This section will show a list of each member’s statistics, including how many credits they have in total, how many points they have earned and which forums they participate in. 

Q is for Quizzes 

The quizzes area of the site is a place to receive extra points by answering quizzes or participating in polls. This page is subject to moderator approval. 

R is for Ranks

View your rank, including how many points you have earned and in which areas. You will also see which ranks you have been invited (if any) and who invites you. 

S is for Search 

This section is a place to filter the site by several factors. You can search for members, forum posts or videos by name, forum, topic or even keywords. 

T is for Team

The team page is where you can see which members are on your team. On the left, you will be able to view members who are participating in any projects alongside you and on the right, you will be able to view people who want to join the team. This section is updated daily and allows for instant messaging between team members. 

U is for Uploading Videos 

To upload a video you must have a YouTube account with 100 subscribers and a minimum of 10,000 views across all videos.

V is for Video Wall

The video wall is a place where you can view videos as they are submitted and voted on. All videos uploaded to our site will be available on this wall. The forum posts which link to videos which are not approved will not be displayed here. The video wall is updated daily and needs to be manually edited in the editor by members. 

W is for Who’s Online 

To see who’s online, you must be signed into your account and if you are logged in, then click on who’s online at the top of the page to see who else has logged in.  

X is for Xtra Points 

For every video created by Sixkiller Gaming, she will give you 25 extra points added onto your total. This also applies if you have submitted a video she has created. 

Y is for Yacht Club 

Yacht Club is a place where members can message each other privately, post articles and have their own chat room. You can only join this club if you have earned 100,000 credits in total and are over the age of 18. 

Z is for Zombiemanz 

The Zombiemanz are a group of like-minded individuals who want to play games together on the site.


The Sixkiller Gaming House is a community built by gamers, for gamers. 

I hope you enjoy the site and find the information useful. If you have any suggestions or questions then please don’t hesitate to make a post in the forum and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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