Online teaching has left an indelible mark on the global community of teachers and students. Currently, this method of education is the most preferable one among the students because of the plethora of benefits that it brings in. While the basic, Garmin R10 golf simulator conventional mode of teaching via uttering the facts and dictating notes will continue to be followed in online classes, game-based learning or GBL has emerged as one of the excellent maxims of teaching. 

The constant technological advancements have made the learning process interesting and full of fun. Game-based learning or GBL makes use of the various educational games that enrich the teaching-learning process. With a diverse range of digital subject-based games available at the disposal of every individual in this age of technology, learning new concepts has become way too thrilling. 

In this blog, we will discuss the basic concept of GBL along with its benefits. Here, you will also come to know about some of the best educational games that you may use to impart education in virtual classrooms. 

What Is Game-Based Learning?

GBL or Game-Based Learning implies the application of games while giving out instructions to the students in classes. This is one of the most innovative maxims of teaching in which the students acquire knowledge by playing a specific educational game. GBL helps the students develop their critical thinking abilities as well as give a boost to their problem-solving skills. 

Chief components of GBL involve surprise rewards, points, badges, quizzes, discussion forums, and leaderboards. The educational games also promote teamwork as the students get the golden opportunity to communicate, interact, and collaborate with their peers. After indulging in playing the games, students experience an emotional pull to learn that topic. That is where GBL succeeds in helping the students perform well in the academic assessments. 

Benefits Of GBL 

  • GBL helps the students memorize the basic facts and remember the core concept accurately. As they will move ahead with winning the game and solving the problem, the crucial sequences and the proper narrative flow will get inscribed n their minds. 
  • This mode of learning also stimulates the thinking capability of the students. Winning the various levels of a game requires the wielding of witty, effective strategies. Their brain starts functioning effectively and their logical powers get strengthened. 
  • Game-based learning helps the students develop their concentration powers. Since they need to focus on the challenge presented to them in the game and gain victory by solving it, they put all their attention into it. As a result, their concentration power gets enhanced and this helps them perform well in their academics. 
  • GBL aids the students in acquiring strategy-making skills. This is because they need to draft a plan and prepare a strategy to cross each level of the game. As a result, they grow up to become great strategists and thinkers. They can prepare witty strategies while studying and thus attain success. 
  • Learning through gaming exposes them to the actual experience, particularly with immersive games. Simulation gadgets like the Garmin R10 golf simulator allow self-learners to play realistic golf without the expense of going to the greens and paying for club entry.

Best Educational Games 

Let’s have a look at the best online educational games that you can introduce to the class and encourage your students to play as a class time activity. After all, this game will later provide the basis for understanding and learning any particular topic. 

1. Camp Wonderopolis 

The quick trivia section of this game along with enjoyable games that emphasize STEM learning. This game can be used by science and maths teachers in online classrooms.

2. FunBrain 

FunBrain contains rich graphics and takes the students on an adventure to a coral reef or galaxy and is a good option for the students of K-8. It helps them understand the nitty-gritty of science concepts. 

3. MooseMath 

This is an awesome game that helps the students of grades 1 to 5 understand the basic arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. As they move ahead to solve the various mathematical problems in the game, they continue to receive exciting rewards that they can use to adorn the fictitious city in the game. 

4. Starfall 

Star fall game is focused on developing their language, mathematical concepts, and arts. This game is a perfect one for students belonging to the grades of K-3. 


Game-Based Learning or GBL is an interactive mode that helps young minds understand basic concepts. This method will draw the students towards learning the concepts as they are going to be fascinated by the topics. Embracing GBL as a way of teaching is going to be one of the best decisions that the teachers of the present day can take. A fun teaching-learning process awaits the teachers and students!


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