Of all the foggers out there, these are what we believe to be the best of the best. And don’t just take it from us — read on for our reviews, ratings, and details about each one. How to clean fog machine? You’ll find everything from small home use models to large commercial-grade machines for outdoor events. There’s a fog machine for everyone, so get ready to find your perfect match!

Each year more and more people are incorporating fog into their events – be it at home or out in public – with the goal of adding an extra layer of atmosphere or mystery.

1. Small but mighty

We love how this little guy delivers a lot of punch in a small package. The included remote is great for hands-off operation, and the fog output is sufficient for most home use applications. A great value for only $50! ($49.99 on Amazon as of 11/30/13)

2. Super value

The cheapest model on our list, this fog machine is both affordable and reliable – which makes it a no-brainer pick for anyone who wants to have fog without breaking the bank! The large fan can put out plenty of fog for large rooms or another venue, or you could pair it with some smaller models for a more robust show. ($42.87 on Amazon as of 11/30/13)

3. A surprising performer

This little guy is not only inexpensive, it’s also surprisingly powerful. At only $20, it may not put out as much as the other models but that’s alright – you don’t need overly-loud fog to make an impact. This model was a huge favorite when we tested and is still one of the most affordable options on our list! ($19.99 on Amazon as of 11/30/13)

4. Cloudy or clear?

This wide-nozzle fogger puts out a ton of fog, but users can adjust how thick or thin it is depending on the situation. It’s great for bigger parties, especially when you may want less fog in some areas than others. We like that you can also shut off the fog and just use this as a fan. ($110 on Amazon as of 11/30/13)

5. Very versatile

We love that this model features the option to output thick clouds or more condensed streams – whatever you need for your event (or haunted house)! Plus, it’s pretty quiet and very affordable for its size range. ($39.99 on Amazon as of 11/30/13)

6. Maximum fog in a small footprint

This little beast is by far the best option for those that need to fill a lot of space with fog for cheap – and it’s incredibly reliable, too! It has all the necessary features at an affordable price. We also like that it reduces noise quite a bit from the previous version. ($29.45 on Amazon as of 11/30/13)

7. Sleek and stylish

For those who want a sleek design that can fit into any environment, this is the machine for you. It’s not only efficient but also very quiet – perfect for giving your guests that extra touch of mystery! ($124.97 on Amazon as of 11/30/13)

8. Fog up to 4 rooms

This little guy outputs enough fog to fill up a whole house – so if you need more than one unit for larger events, this one is certainly worth checking out! It’s great for casting thick fog over entire living areas, and it can be paired with other models for even better results! ($109.95 on Amazon as of 11/30/13)

9. Portable, compact and quiet

This model is compact, large – but lightweight and very quiet – so you can take it with you when you need to cover larger areas. It’s also great for setting up in smaller spaces where other models may not fit. ($109.95 on Amazon as of 11/30/13)

10. Great value

This is a great machine for those who want fog without breaking the bank – especially if they don’t need a lot of output! It uses a small fan, so it’s not as powerful as some other models, but it still creates thick clouds over large areas with ease. ($66.37 on Amazon as of 11/30/13)

11. The biggest, baddest fogger

For those who don’t need to fill an area with fog but want maximum output, this is the machine for you! It’s also great for outdoor parties thanks to its ability to be used in windy conditions. The only drawback is that it’s quite loud. ($849.00 on Amazon as of 11/30/13)


Out of all the fog machines on the market, these are our very favorites. Don’t just take it from us – check out some product reviews and customer ratings to see what everyone else has to say about them! And don’t forget to use a fog fluid as well – we like this one best .


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