What is maladia clothing?

Maladia is a clothing brand that specializes in quality, comfortable, and fashionable clothing for the everyday woman. Maladia are always coming up with new styles each season that are perfect for anyone who wants to express themselves with their outfit.

How did maladia clothing start?

Maladia started by a woman named Rebecca Sanborn. She is the founder of Maladia and has always had such a passion for creating clothing for others. She started out small with only 5 individuals helping her and grew into something much bigger. She now has thousands of followers and many stores selling her clothing.

What does it stand for?

Maladia stands for the expression of who you are and what you are about by what you wear, which is why their slogan is “we wear our story”.

Who is behind the brand?

Maladia clothing was started by Rebecca Sanborn who is the owner and founder of Maladia. She is a very passionate woman with a strong desire to share her love and passion of clothing to others.

Aimee Adler, who is a very talented designer and stylist, helps design and style all of the clothes for the women’s line. She designs the clothes so they are simple and elegant while still being comfortable enough for everyday wear.

Maria Georgette is also a writer at maladia. She helps with the monthly themes as well as having fun, creative writing contests on their social media sites that are voted on by everyone who follows them.

What clothes does Maladia Clothing Offer?

When you shop at maladia you can expect to find a variety of different items such as dresses, shirts, skirts, dresses and more! You will never want to wear any other clothing brand once you become acquainted with the style of maladia. They have sizes available for all women so no one is left out when it comes time to purchase some new clothes.

What are the women’s sizes?

The clothes are all sized for women. However, it is recommended that you measure yourself instead of going off of the size chart because sizing varies from brand to brand. We recommend getting your measurements and placing them in their size chart so you know what size to get. If you’re unsure on how to measure yourself we recommend getting a measuring tape or going into a store and measuring yourself to find out your exact measurements so you know what size will work best on you.

Where can I buy maladia clothing?

You can buy maladia clothing from their online shop as well as on their social media sites. They also have many different local stores

What are the styles of maladia?

Maladia offers women’s clothing that is versatile, comfortable, and stylish. There is something for every style of woman when it comes to the brand, so no matter what you are looking for you can find it in their line. For example, they offer shirts with pastel colors that look very elegant and simple. They also have clothes with bright colors that everyone will love to wear during the summer months. They also offer clothes that are simple and classy making them a great choice for any occasion.

What are some of the goals that maladia has?

Maladia’s goal is to make women feel beautiful, confident and comfortable when they wear their clothes. Their clothing is high quality and will last a very long time if taken care of properly. However, if it is not taken care of properly then you could damage the clothing or even ruin it by washing it incorrectly. They want to make sure that people always know what they need to do when it comes to taking care of their clothes and that they are getting beautiful new clothing every season!

Why should I buy from maladia?

You should buy from maladia because you will be getting high quality clothing for a very reasonable price. They will make you feel beautiful while they fit you perfectly, which will make you even more confident in yourself. You could also be supporting a small business, which is something any company should do! You will be wearing new clothing every season and it would be a crime if you did not support the company that makes them. Maladia also offers great customer service by letting you know where your clothing is located as well as replying very quickly to any questions or concerns that you may have. They also make your clothes great quality and will last a very long time.

How do I contact the company?

You can contact the company by looking at their social media sites or going to their website. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact them through twitter @MaladiaClothing or @Aimee_Adler. You can also go to their Facebook page and hit the “Contact” tab at the top of their page where you will be able to click on the “Contact Us” link that is located there.

Why should I buy from Maladia Clothing?

You should buy from Maladia because it is made from especially high quality materials so that it will last a very long time. It is very durable so you will not always have to worry about wearing the same thing over and over again. The clothing is also made by a women’s company which is a great source of income for women around the world. This company was founded by Rebecca Sanborn and she used her amazing talent to start something so beautiful and nice for all of the amazing women in the world. 


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