The Fascinating Science of Planet Fitness Time Open.


What is Planet Fitness Time Open?

Planet Fitness Time Open is a revolutionary fitness method, which when practiced over time can drastically impact the way you feel. The method revolves around timed intervals of aerobic exercise and rest, and is therefore sometimes called TPT or “time open”.

This introductory paragraph will give an outline of what Planet Fitness Time Open is, how it works and its benefits. The article will then go into detail on the time open method, looking at different aspects such as motivation for training with this workout strategy, types of exercises that might be appropriate for this type of program and possible risks to consider when starting this training regime. I will also highlight some scientific evidences which show that it could be a good choice to add more variation in your routine.


This article is based upon my experience and research. It is intended to give a broad overview of Planet Fitness Time Open so that you can use the information in order to decide whether or not you wish to practice this training method for yourself.

Over the past year I have experimented with different methods of training. One of these was a form of interval training called “time open”, sometimes referred to as “teo-ing”, where you alternate between performing aerobic exercise and rest periods which last for an equal amount of time, typically two minutes. This type of workout has been used by athletes for many years, but has most recently acquired popularity through Crossfit, who call it “Teo”.


The major benefits of this type of training are described below. However, the main feature that you want to focus on is the change in your perception of time. If you have ever done a “teo” workout, then you will know that after a short (two minutes or so) break you feel refreshed and ready to go again. I believe that most of us have experienced this feeling after a certain period of time. You might be lying in bed watching TV, trying to sleep but knowing it’s not going to happen. 

You might be sat at a party, waiting for a friend to arrive. You might be kicking your heels in a boring meeting. The point is that we may all get bored after a certain period of time and this boredom can eventually lead to us feeling tired and lethargic. In these examples, we have an abundance of time (or time on our hands) which we perceive as frustrating. The miracle of “teo” training is that it teaches you how to overcome this feeling of boredom and frustration by changing the way you perceive time, from linear (constant) to cyclical (revolving). Consequently, if you can harness this feeling, it is possible to get more out of your training sessions.


On the other hand, this method cannot be performed for too long due to the fact that you need a rest period in order to recover from the exercise. A typical workout time open routine would last around 15-20 minutes. This will be covered in depth later on in the article. The time open workout has several variations and combinations of exercises are possible; however, the most common involves using one or both arms to drive a rowing machine. 

The following is a sample of what one text for use with this method looks like.

1. Start at the beginning of a cycle, pushing the back handle until you reach your leg extension maximum weight capacity.

2. Rest for two minutes (if possible) in order to recover from the exercise.

3. Next, perform the return to start position by pulling your bodyweight toward you while still seated on the machine until the handles switch hands again, and then slowly stand up in order to complete one full cycle (from raising your bodyweight to standing fully erect), and then sit down slowly on a cross-trainer/thigh blaster until reaching your leg extension maximum weight capacity as before.

4. Rest for two minutes (if possible) in order to recover from the exercise.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 twice or more.

The recommended rest time for this workout is two minutes and it is advised that you rest at least one minute between each longer set of exercise and also during these shorter breaks. 

The article provides tips on how to modify your workouts so they are more likely to succeed, as well as covering a few other topics focused upon getting the most out of your Planet Fitness Time Open sessions. Finally, I’ll conclude with some interesting things you can do related to this type of workout.


When compared to other types of training, this method is very simple, effective and inexpensive. It can be completed in a variety of locations including at home, at the gym or in the park. It is also easy to schedule and can be performed Monday-Friday or weekends. You could even do it for shorter periods, e.g., doing only two 15 minute sessions per week.

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