Marketing is an essential part of any company like bgmc marketing. It plays a vital role in how marketing moves things forward, and it plays a big role in successfully growing the company.

The future of marketing is going to include a lot more data-driven decision making, as well as lots of new technological innovations that will make this industry more fluid than ever before. Here are 20 websites with articles on the future & trends in marketing.

1. The Future of Marketing

– Marc Gobe is an expert in the field of digital marketing. He has written for many publications, and is the co-founder of a very well-respected digital marketing firm. In his article, he discusses the future of online marketing, including the technologies that are going to play a big role.

2. The Four Top Trends That Will Shape Marketing in 2017

This article from Forbes talks about some of the biggest trends that are going to be shaping digital marketing in 2017. This includes things like AI, as well as a new emphasis on content creation as opposed to production and distribution.

3. A Quantum Leap for Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

This article from thoughtbot talks about AI and how it will help improve marketing in 2017. Experts predict that artificial intelligence will have a huge impact on the industry, and that things are going to become a lot more sophisticated than ever before. This article talks about how AI is going to change marketing. It’s going to be used to make big data more useful, and it will allow companies to predict consumer behavior. The author believes that it will have a huge impact on the way things are done, and he comments that “the time is nigh” for AI in marketing.

4. The Future of Digital Marketing: 6 Things You Need To Know

This article discusses the future of digital marketing, including all the things that are likely to be happening in 2017. The author discusses all the new trends, and he talks about some of the most important areas being addressed. This is another Forbes article that talks about the future of digital marketing. The author believes that we’re in a period of growth and innovation, with lots of changes happening quickly, which makes the search for digital marketing solutions more difficult than ever before.

5. The Future Of Digital Marketing: Throwback to the Future

This article from Online Marketing Blog talks about how new technologies have changed marketing, and how the industry is changing rapidly. It discusses why some older, proven tactics are working better than they ever have before, while new strategies like chatbots will offer a huge boost in efficiency.

6. How 11 Trends Are Changing Marketing in 2015

This article from Search Engine Journal discusses the future of digital marketing. It talks about how new technologies are changing the way companies develop strategies, and it predicts that the industry has a lot more to look forward to in 2015. This article from SimplyHired talks about how new technology is changing marketing. These include things like machine learning, as well as big data analysis, as well as working with influencers much more aggressively than ever before.

7. Don’t Be Fooled by the Internet of Things

While the Internet of Things is very much in its infancy, it’s still a huge force that marketers must work with. In this article from SimplyHired, the author stresses that you should use it to develop an intimate relationship with your customers. In this article from Forbes , the author talks about how the Internet of Things is going to impact marketing. He believes that smart home devices will change things in the future. They’ll allow us to interact with our technology in new ways, and they’ll also allow us to improve both our efficiency and our productivity at work.

8. How Chatbots Will Transform Marketing

This article talks about how chatbots are going to change marketing. The author also mentions how these systems are going to create a big shift in the way companies deal with their customers, as well as the important role that social media is playing in this new way of doing things. This article from MarketingSherpa talks about how chatbots will change marketing over the next few years. It discusses why chatbots are a good option for businesses, as well as how you can use chatbots for your business so you can keep up with your competition.


After reading the article you will be aware of the history of marketing, it’s crucial role in how we run our lives. You will also be aware of how your life would be the sum of your decisions and actions taken with this knowledge in mind. Chatbots are a great way for marketers to get their content out there on social media. While the engagement rate might not be as good as it is with other types of content, there are plenty of ways to make chatbot marketing more successful than it used to be.

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