Most commonly known as meme, these internet memes are gaining worldwide popularity and for so many reasons now. It is one idea, style or behavior, which is spreading via the internet, mainly through social media platforms. Mostly, memes are designed for humorous purposes. 

What might consider being a meme might vary across various communities on the world of internet and this subject is likely to change with passing time. Previously, it was a concept or catchphrase used, but that concept has changed and become broader and even multi-faceted. It can evolve into some elaborate structures like GIFs, videos, challenges and some vital sensations.

Part of current Indian culture:

Right now, internet memes have become a major part of the internet culture. They can spread from one person to another through blogs, social networks, news sources and even direct emails.

  • The instant communication on the internet will facilitate word of mouth transmission, and that will result in fads and some sensations, which will grow rapidly.
  • One such example is planking. Posting someone’s photo planking online will bring more some attention to the fad and will reach maximum people within less time.
  • Thanks to internet, the world of memes is fast evolving and gaining some more values from the masses. As internet is here to stay, so is the craze of memes even to this date!

Part of one broad culture:

One major hallmark of that meme is that it is appropriate to be a part of broader culture. Most of the memes will be seen using popular culture, which can lead to some copyright issues sometimes.

  • For example, the “dank” memes have currently emerged to be a new version of image-macros and some of the modern memes will take on inclusion of non-sequitur, nonsensical and surreal themes.
  • Most of the time, the terms memes and internet memes are used loosely, and will have umbrella terms for any form of quickly-consumed comedic content. 
  • It might not be a necessity to spread or evolve the meme, but thanks to the world of internet, it is gaining worldwide popularity these days for sure.

Focus on the characteristics:

There are two major characteristics as part of the memes and you will learn more about that from Meme Scout for now. One is the creative reproduction of the materials and another one is the intertextuality. 

  • The creative reproductions will always refer to remixes, mash ups and parodies. 
  • Intertextuality, on the other hand, will be demonstrated through some memes, which are generally combining various cultures. 
  • This form of Intertextuality will give out a new meaning to that paper blowing just around Psy.
  • It will index intertextual practices in the cultural and political discourses of various nations.

It is always advisable to understand the value of memes before you can actually start using it. Working on memes after understanding their clear meaning is really important and it will help you to get a broad spectrum over here. So, get yourself the knowledge of memes now!


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