The Millionaire Guide On Board Games To Help You Get Rich

Guide on Board game

You’ve probably heard in the news that playing board games is good for your health. Whether you want to strengthen social skills, work on strategic thinking, or just have a little fun with friends and family, board games provide a great way to waste an afternoon. But nowadays there’s more than just Monopoly out there. These days, you can play your way to the top of the financial world!  With a crunch word whizzle is just a flick away. The key to becoming a millionaire is in the game.

The Millionaire Guide On Board Games To Help You Get Rich :

1. Scrabble:

If you want to run up those earnings, this board game will help you speed up your way to the top. With just a hint of luck and a heap of skill, you can turn small investments into large profits. Word games are fun, but word games are more fun when you win! In Scrabble, it’s all about the tiles and squares. The first few rounds will be spent on building up your vocabulary and the luscious letters. Then, when you’ve got yourself a nice stack of tiles, let the gambling start! You can bet, build or combine words to score big points. Judging by my opponent’s face after a Scrabble loss, I don’t think he was joking around.

2. Settlers of Catan:

At first glance this might look like just another strategy game featuring roads and settlements. But no. This game is the real deal. You might think playing this kind of game would give you a headache, but it only makes you smarter. The “are you for real?” type of challenge is what keeps players coming back for more. You can also take your weaklings and turn them into strong warriors by using special dice and cards to expand your settlements on a strategic map . A clever player can use strategy to build up his empire and make a name for himself.

3. Puerto Rico:

This game has a simple, but elegant design . You start with only a handful of resources on your island. You’ll need to trade and fight for what you need to build up your economy and military. Just remember to keep an eye out for pirates, they can strike at any time! So if you have what it takes to get rich on the high seas, this game is right up your alley.

4. Dominion:

Dominion is a strategy game where players buy card stacks, and then use them in their turn in order to gain points, or play cards that score points when they are played. It’s a simple game, to learn but hard to master. It’s a game of taking risks, collecting assets, and building an economy. Start your own business or take over others and you’ll be on your way to financial freedom.

5. Ticket To Ride:

If there is one thing that millionaires hate it’s this; Waiting for trains! What they hate even more is not being able to check the time on their watches because they are too busy checking the train schedule. But with Ticket To Ride , you can own your own company that operates the railroads and runs its own trains. And not only will you be rich. You’ll be rolling in the dough.

6. Bohnanza:

In this game, you’re just a farmer trying your best to grow a bean field and sell lots of beans to make a profit. But if things don’t work out, you can always hire monsters to scare away the competition. These monsters would be the one thing that could help you make some money, after all! And if things take a turn for the worse, you might need to plead with God for help! If you think it’s all in your hands – then this is definitely your game. You can even use money you’ve made in real life as money in this game! It’s like a cross between Monopoly and Monopoly Jr.!

7. Yahtzee:

In this fast-paced game, have a sharp mind and good luck as you try to accomplish your goals and see how much money you can make! With a little luck, it’s possible to win the lottery with just 3 rolls of the dice! This game is challenging without being too hard. The gameplay is quick, and there are no complicated rules. It’s an up-and-coming party game for smart people who like to think fast!

8. Ticket To Ride: The Dice Game:

You’ve decided if you want to be a millionaire several times, then why not now? It all depends on how far you want to go. You can bet big, you can bet a ton, or you can play it safe. There is no middle ground. You don’t want to be the one person that says I could have done this and I didn’t even try. Then again, if you are just starting out then you might want to start with a game like this one and work your way up to the others on the list first before making your final decision. 

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