Ever since the invention of the canvas and a paintbrush, artists have been playing with these physical mediums in order to create some of the most iconic paintings that our world has ever seen. Today’s digital landscape has also introduced a new digital canvas into the mix: The CanvasMbu, which is an unusual use of 2D technology to create 3D art. 

Using computer vision, this innovative device creates a vibrant scene by rearranging your 2D image’s pixels using its magic wand. Canvas MBU is the ideal tool for artists to create real-time paintings. And that is exactly what we have done at our company. We use Canvas MBU to create a brand new 3D digital canvas that you can use to paint with. The possibilities of what can be drawn on this canvas are endless. Here at CanvasMBU we have worked tirelessly to bring this innovative drawing tool to you in an engaging, interactive, and fun platform.

Initially released on Windows 8, the CanvasMbu application has now been released on iOS and Web as well. In June 2014, CanvasMbu was updated and enhanced with a whole new set of features. The application was also released on Xbox One by Microsoft as part of their Xbox One Artist’s program, contributing a large number of users to the app at launch.The company has also put out a consumer product called the most advanced Virtual Reality paintbrush available today for the Google Cardboard platform.

The Miracle Of Canvas Mbu :

1. CanvasMbu was created as a new way to paint. 

While there are numerous canvas-based painting apps available, we are looking to reinvent the canvas not just as an area to paint but rather as something that includes content that is not just flat. CanvasMbu creates 3D paintings with 2D images. It is a unique change of perspective for digital art. With the added depth, CanvasMbu makes it possible to create not just drawings, but also highly interactive and immersive paintings.

2. CanvasMBU features a unique new way to paint. 

We have created a new type of painting medium with our application that enables artists of all kinds to harness the power of technology and use it to make their art more interesting, more vibrant and allow them to play with their audience in new ways. The core engine behind CanvasMbu is a 3D model which we have developed for this application. Once the user has selected a photo from their camera roll or gallery, this model is placed onto the painting surface represented by the 2D image that they have chosen as their canvas. 

The 3D model is used to decide which 2D part of the image to show. By default, the model will be placed onto an image such that it covers up what would appear to be a flat surface: the canvas. But the core idea behind CanvasMBU is to allow users to change this perspective and have their images cover up the canvas. When you start creating your artwork in this way, you see a whole new set of artistic possibilities open up before you as your 2D painting begins interacting with its 3D counterpart.

3. We have a BIG plan for the future of CanvasMBU.

Not only do we have plans to add new features and upgrades to our application, but we also started a company based on our technology. After the initial release of CanvasMbu (on Windows 8), we quickly realized that artists wanted more features and enhancements. So rather than leave our users hanging, we decided to take CanvasMbu to the next level and create a whole new product out of it. 

This new product is called the LYRA 3D paintbrush, which was launched in June 2014. With LYRA, we have created a new type of 3D painting device. It is the first of its kind, but after its recent debut on Kickstarter we hope that all artists will soon be able to create original artwork that blurs the line between reality and virtuality.

4. CanvasMBU is available on Windows 8 and iOS devices!

The application was originally released as a Windows 8 app in June 2013. Today, you can also get it on your iPhone or iPad as well! It is a free download for all users, so grab it now for your devices! The app can be found on the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store, and also on the Windows Store.

5. We are making CanvasMBU available to everyone!

Our application is free to download, but we have included some fun additional features that users can purchase in order to enhance their experience. We truly believe that our app offers something unique, not just in its visual artistry but also in its ability to playfully interact with people who use it. This is why we want to expand our user community as much as possible! We want the world to enjoy this new type of painting experience and be able to create wonderful artwork using 3D models.


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