What is arizonabased trainual 27m series altos?

Arizona-based Trainual 27m Series Altos is a specific type of martial arts training that focuses primarily on the development of one’s physical strength and well-being. Trainual 27m trains the body, mind and spirit with an emphasis on discipline and self-control. The program uses cutting-edge methods to develop personal skills in balance, flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination and mental toughness. Trainual 27m’s goal is to achieve unlimited strength and well-being. The program also offers training for other forms of conditioning, including sport-specific training as taught by the renowned New York City-based MMA (mixed martial arts) schools.

Trainual 27m has classes in many different cities. Classes are separated into three levels: Base Camp, Advanced Camp, and Active Training Camp. Each level contains a different amount of classes depending on how the student progressed (more or less). If the student is not able to progress they may move up in level – but there is absolutely no obligation to take every class at each level as all of them are beneficial.

How does trainual 27m enhance in-ring performance?

Trainual 27m enhances in-ring performance by building the body, mind and spirit of the trainee through a combination of high intensity classes, diet and rest. This produces an overall feeling of well being that allows for more in ring performance than if one only focused on physical training. Many members have seen their #1 spot on the card achieved with this method when they had previously been considered below a certain level by themselves or others. Trainual 27m’s unique approach to training is based on self-control and discipline versus pure physical punishment (although there is some if you are going to be called “trainual” right?).

How does it work?

Trainual 27m is a combination of physical training and spiritual development. The program starts with the basics of physical training (the advanced exercises are taught at advanced camp) followed by spirituality and diet. It is designed to bring the student to a higher state of existence. When one is brought up there they can be used as an example for others to follow. This leads to the development of mental toughness and inner confidence that allows students to achieve more than they thought possible, which eventually allows them to achieve their ultimate goal, which would be winning a match or tournament in MMA or other fighting sport(s).

What are the classes like?

The classes are led by a trainer. The trainers are all black belt level and above, but they are not always on the mat. The classes consist of warm-ups, stretching, high intensity body conditioning and usually a drill or two to get people into the mental space needed for high intensity training. The students quickly learn that in order to achieve what is being taught it must be done in one’s mind as well as physically. They discover that strong minds equal strong bodies. This is what makes Trainual 27m so effective for its students; it is not just physical conditioning but also mental training as well.

Every class is led by a drill sergeant and below him there is always a guy in charge of leading the students. The leader controls the intensity level of the class through his voice, facial expression and body language. The students are always encouraged to help each other out as everyone is there for each other. They are also instructed not to do a move if it will hurt them or someone else at any time. They are told that if they see someone getting hurt to stop the person causing it and make sure that he stops what he is doing so that no one gets hurt or starts punching him (yes, this has happened before).

What are the benefits?

Physical Benefits Flexibility and Balance: As the program progresses, students will find themselves being able to do things they were previously unable to do. They will begin to see gains in flexibility and balance that will positively affect their regular activities outside of trainual 27m. Stretching: Students will begin seeing their bodies becoming more and more flexible with each passing day. They may feel as though they are stretching further and further every day, only to wake up the next day after another session of stretching feeling as though they have gained even more flexibility than before. The body becomes much more pliable from a combination of training classes, stretches and diet.

Are there any drawbacks?

Some people may not like this program because it is more mental than physical. It will take a lot of discipline and self control to do what is being taught because it requires one to reach a certain level of inner strength that may not have been reached previously. It also requires one to be able to follow the drill sergeant (leader) without question or hesitation. You can’t “take the mental out of Trainual 27m”, as there are no blocks, kicks or strikes in the program; this kind of training is spiritual and intellectual in nature.


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