“Electric skateboards are a new kind of fun you can have. They’re safe, environmentally friendly, and more affordable than ever.”

-Pensacola News Journal

There is no denying the fact that electric skateboards are the hottest mode of transportation right now. You can find them in just about every big city across America, and they’re a lot cheaper than buying your own car or even taking the bus. But before you go out and make a purchase, there are a few things to consider first for core trucks skateboard.

Pros of buying core trucks Electric skateboard are:

1. They’re safe.

You’re skating down the street on a skateboard that’s powered by electric batteries and you can’t possibly get hurt. There’s no risk of getting hit by a car or even falling off your board, which is another worry that comes with choosing the cheapest one of these things out there.

2. You can save money.

The average cost of an electric skateboard is about $400, which is cheaper than buying your own car or even taking the bus around town. A car probably costs more than that anyhow, so you could get two core trucks and save some cash to put towards college!

3. Environmentally friendly transportation option

Electric vehicles reduce carbon emissions while they save on gas costs as well. If you want to go green, this is a good place to start.

4. It’s great for people with mobility issues.

Some people think that electric skateboards are for people who don’t need to walk or ride a bicycle, but this is not the case. The motors on these things make it easier to go places, whether you’re standing or sitting down. There are many situations where an electric skateboard could come in handy, so consider buying one before you buy anything else.

5. It’s fun and exciting!

These boards do exactly what they say – they allow you to ride in style and mostly profit from it at the same time. They make it so that you don’t have to walk or take the bus to get where you need to go.

6. You can customize your ride.

You can choose from a range of colors and styles when you order an electric skateboard, which means that you can adjust it to your preferences. Have fun with the accessories on your new board and show off how unique you are with your electric skateboard!

7. They’re convenient, mobile and easier to store than a bike

Unlike flat-bottomed boards or mountain bikes, there isn’t much chance for damage if an accident happens while you’re out riding on the streets with this thing.

Cons of core trucks Electric skateboard are:

1. No real driving skill required

Not that riding a skateboard is any different than riding a bike, but it still feels like you’re doing something wrong when going down the street on one of these things. You can’t just go wherever you want whenever you want because of the lack of long-distance travel options. It’s either far out or not at all.

2. Not cheap enough for some people

While it is cheaper than buying your own car and even taking the bus, buying an electric board doesn’t fit in with everyone’s budgeting and lifestyle needs. There are some people out there who just don’t have the money for it, and that’s OK too.

3. The battery starts wearing out easily

One of the drawbacks of owning an electric skateboard is that you’ll start noticing a decrease in speed after a while. There’s no way to fix this except buying a new board altogether.

In the end, it’s all up to you. If you can afford it and you want to get one of these things, then why not? They’re tons of fun and they’re a great way to travel in style. Either way, take it easy on the roads and don’t go too fast!

4. You can go as far as your battery allows you

One of the main reasons why people choose this type of transportation over the others is because of the distance that it can cover. While some electric skateboards can travel for about 8 miles (or more), most will last about 3 to 6 miles per charge. This means that you’ll find yourself recharging or going home after a while, depending on how far away you are from your destination.

5. It’s hard to find a skateboard big enough to fit two people

Some of the skateboards out there come with two seats on them, but you may have a hard time finding an electric one that can do it. Remember that the more people you put on this thing, the harder it will be for everyone to move around. That could be fun for a while, but after a couple of minutes everyone will get really tired and exhausted from riding it.


If you want to move around town in style without breaking your bank account or taking up too much space in your home, then buy core trucks Electric skateboard. They’re fun and they’ll help you save money. If you really want to save money, just ride it to work instead of using the bus. It’s a lot cheaper than paying for gas or taking out a loan!


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