The Reason Why Everyone Love Rpgminx And Gaming


For decades, the term “gaming” had a negative connotation. It was associated with “Not-so-good kids are playing games instead of doing homework!” and parents that told their children to stop playing video games for an hour so they could go play outside instead. What does Rpgminx look like? Answer: A “casual dating sim” game. Is it that? No. It is not a casual dating sim, it’s a “romantic adventure” game. Unfortunately, this is still a common misconception today and has led to some gamers feeling like their hobby is mocked by people who don’t understand them or the joy it brings them. 

The Reason Why Everyone Love Gaming :

1. They’re mind-numbingly addictive. 

Most games today are designed to be hard and take a long time to finish, which is all fine and dandy in the beginning. But let’s be honest for a second: no one wants to spend 12 hours on a game and only get to the halfway point. There’s a lot of “retardation” going on here. 

There are so many other games that you can play while you wait, but they’re not nearly as fun or engaging. You start to get really attached to the characters and it’s really difficult to let them go. So if you’re spending a ton of time playing a game and giving it your all because that’s how hard you’re playing, why doesn’t it feel rewarding when you finally finish? It feels like a waste of time because it is.

2. They get you in touch with your emotions. 

People who say “video games are for 12-year-old boys only” aren’t wrong, meaning they don’t have the right perspective and they’re hating on a hobby that is truly the opposite of what they should be saying. Games help us mature as people because it gives us an outlet to express our emotions through playable characters. 

Most gamers have played games where they feel like crying because of how emotional it makes them or because of characters that made them feel something. Or how when you’re playing a game and your crush likes you, it feels like the feeling is actually real, even though every game may be a lie. That’s a big testament as to how relevant games really are to us as people.

3. They make us better people. 

The games we play can make us better than we would have been otherwise. We may not be the best people in the world, but games make us better than we could have been without them. We learn to trust, to share, and to love. We learn we must work together as a team, and if you’re a solo gamer, you get some good one-on-one time with yourself because it’s a way to escape reality. Games teach by example how we should all act toward each other.

4. They’re just a lot of fun. 

Games are fun and always will be. Nobody ever seriously said video games were a waste of time, so don’t try to convince anyone that it’s the opposite of the truth. They’ve proven themselves as a form of entertainment that people can enjoy all around the world, and there’s no denying this is true.

5. They make us appreciate our own lives. 

In many games, the main character must fight for what they believe in and overcome obstacles that threaten to destroy everything important to them. It makes us realize how much we take for granted in any video game. You may not be a video game character and never will be, but the games we play give us an opportunity to let loose and just have fun.

6. They’re actually educational. 

Some of us gamers may not think that our hobby is educational, but it is! Video games are some of the best tools we have to understand life without reading a book or going to school. 

7. They make you feel like a kid again. 

Let’s face it: almost everyone wishes they could still be a kid and play all day. All kids want the ability to go back in time and live the lives we couldn’t in the past. Games give you a chance to do just that. It makes you feel happy because everyone remembers when they were a kid and how happy they were, but many people who have become adults don’t remember what it’s really like to relive their childhood, which is kind of sad.

8. They make us appreciate the real world. 

There are so many things in the real world that we take for granted every day that we don’t even realize are there, and some of these things could have been in a video game. We don’t have to go too far to find real life counterparts to what we see in games, meaning their message has been passed on. Games aren’t just a chance for us to escape reality, but it also helps those feel more motivated in making the most out of their lives.

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