What is Neptune Walmart shooting?

Neptune walmart shooting is a term for the widespread and convenient purchase of firearms and ammunition that occurs at Walmart stores. With most retailers being out of stock on so many popular firearms, hunters and shooters alike often go to Walmart locations to stock up on guns in high demand because they are cheaper than other retailers. 

The term “Neptune” is used because part of the retail chain is located in Seattle, Washington. It was first used in 2013 after a suspect killed four people at a Wal-Mart store there, prompting some people to ask why he went there when all Wal-Marts are essentially the same. 

Some more facts:

Some Wal-Mart locations are known to be heavily populated by arms dealers and illegal firearms, because the store has a great deal of merchandise in stock and also resells guns. Because of this, some of these stores have been linked to illegal firearms sales. In addition to that, these stores have been a hotbed for violent incidents. 

On March 21, 2013, Jared Lee Loughner allegedly shot 20 people and killed six people at a Walmart store in Tucson, Arizona. The incident was linked to his purchase of an FN Five-seveN pistol on January 8, 2011 at a Walmart in Tucson.

What are the features?

Walmart sells all kinds of guns. Because there is little to no regulation of gun sales, the store’s customers may obtain guns with little or no background checks on the purchasers. The frequency and ease of such purchases at Walmart stores have raised questions about the nature of their policy regarding firearms and ammunition sales. As a result, some have called Walmart “the Wal-Murder Store” or other derogatory names. There are videos on YouTube where Walmart employees are seen openly selling real firearms and ammunition at their stores

How is it used?

The term has been used in media articles, including by Howard Kurtz. The phrase is used by advocates of gun control to highlight their concern that the ease of purchase at Walmart encourages gun violence.

How did neptune walmart shooting start?

Neptune walmart shooting started when gun owners and supporters started showing up on social media sites such as YouTube showcasing their success in purchasing guns and ammunition at Walmart stores. Seeing how easy firearms can be purchased at Walmart, these people decided to visit different outlets and making an effort to film themselves purchasing guns from Walmart stores, just to demonstrate to viewers how easy it is for people who may not have a legal right or need for a firearm to obtain one.

Who started it?

Many people think different people have been starting Neptune walmart shooting, but could be false. Many people are saying Tyler who started that video where he went to walmart and bought a assault rifle was the one who started it, but that is not true. The person that started it, is the same person pictured above. The man in the picture above is named Tyler Brewster who goes by the name of “Weishaupt” on YouTube, and he has been doing Neptune walmart shootings since 2009 before 2013’s march 21. Keith Stroup was apparently behind this practice back in 2009 before YouTube had any type of anti-piracy protection built into their software.

What are the benefits?

One of the major benefits of Neptune Wal-Mart shooting is that it gives gun owners and hunters another place to purchase a firearm. Also, it allows those unable to go to a gun store the ability to purchase guns and ammunition without any added scrutiny.

What are the negatives?

Neptune Wal-Mart shooting has its downsides as well. One thing that has been said is that because Walmart carries so many different firearms and ammunition types, their inventory is not always up to date with what people want so some stakeholders will either resort to more illegal means of purchasing guns or will simply wait for Walmart’s inventory to pick up, which could take a long time.

Are there any drawbacks?

Aside from concerns over the availability and background of those purchasing firearms, one concern is that the large number of guns being sold at a single retailer could potentially be tempting for criminals looking for easy access to weapons. By having large numbers of firearms at a single business location, it could give potential thieves an opportunity to perform large-scale theft.

Why is it controversial?

The ease with which some people acquire guns at Walmart and then use them in crimes has prompted calls for tighter restrictions on gun sales nationwide. This does not include Tyler Brewster’s neptune walmart shootings which have been happening since 2009 before 2013’s march 21, but in relation to the video above. If you enjoy Neptune Wal-Mart shootings merchandise and if you are interested in purchasing it, then you should visit this website: www.neptunewalmartshooting.


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