Every year, we get excited about the holidays and what to buy for our friends and loved ones. This time of year is a great time to think about those that you love who are hard to shop for, such as your neighbor or even your frenemy. 

There are plenty of gift ideas out there if you know where to look. Here https://fabulousstory.com/ we have compiled a list of some great gifts that will give your less fortunate friends or family members the perfect present this holiday season!

1) Kikkerland

Bamboo chopsticks handmade from bamboo reeds with a colorful handle in Thailand. They’re sure to delight any foodie friend, especially with their dual purpose of being both functional utensils and decorative conversational pieces.

2) Matcha Juku

If your friend or family member loves tea and/or coffee, Matcha Juku is the perfect way to freshen up their morning routine. The powder is made from whole green tea leaves sourced from a Shizuoka-based farm and then mixed with filtered water to create a smooth, frothy beverage.

 It comes in individual sachets that are easy to store and mix in the office or at home – no big teapot required!

3) Oliva Oils

The premium line of oils come from a family recipe in Spain that dates back nearly 200 years, when soybean oil was introduced as an alternative for olive oil. The family has continued to make olive oil until today and only use the best, 100% Spanish extra light olive oil. 

Pair this gift with a set of their signature glassware, which are created in Santa Fe, New Mexico by artist Jon Freeman.

4) Cosmopolitan Coffee Time Gift Set

For the coffee lover in your life! Each cup is made with a blend of 100% fair trade organic Arabica beans from Colombia and Guatemala. It’s fresh roasted, single-origin coffee that is made to order by hand at their roastery in Brooklyn, New York. 

Pair it with a portion of their dark chocolate bar made with organic, single-origin cacao beans from Ecuador. Each bar is cut and wrapped by hand.

5) Boring and Boring

For the wine lover in your life! “Boring” and “Boring” was created to showcase some of the best wine bars all over the country that are “boredom-free,” bringing back an old-fashioned, approachable atmosphere to wine drinking. 

Each city guide comes with a colorful map key that helps locate each featured bar as well as a copy of their own tasting guide filled with detailed profiles for over 70 wines.

6) Yomee

This gift focuses on one of the most popular sweets in China: boba. It is a fruit-flavored drink that is combined with a chewy tapioca ball at the bottom of your cup and can be flavored in raspberry, vanilla, strawberry, or honeydew. For anyone who loves sweet drinks and snacks, this is the perfect stocking stuffer.

7) Fringe Sport Bags

For fitness lovers out there! These bags were designed by two engineers in Boise, Idaho who were looking for ways to keep themselves and their clients motivated while training. They discovered that by having a bag filled with motivational tools on hand would help them when they needed it most. 

These on-the-go bags are made from an innovative fabric blend that uses polyester and polyamide, as well as elastane in a way that mimics the feeling of sports equipment.

8) Kitewine Whiskey Jerky

For any friends who love their whiskey! This jerky comes from a family-run distillery in Ponderay, Idaho with high-quality native craftsmanship and regional ingredients. It’s available in Original, Smoked Salmon, and Spiced Chicken flavors. The jerky is made from all-natural ingredients including organic pork and is smoked for six hours over applewood.

9) Roku Express

For the TV lover in your life! For those who love to stream media and watch shows such as Netflix, Amazon Videos, SlingTV or hundreds of other channels on their TV. The Roku Express is a small streaming device that plugs into a TV’s HDMI port and provides instant access to movies, sports and music with an efficient remote control. 

Whether it’s for yourself or your parents, the Roku is a great gift for anyone trying to stay up-to-date with all their favorite shows.

10) Makeup Sponges

For the makeup lover in your life! These innovative sponges were created with an all-natural blend of fibers that are completely free of harmful chemicals. Not only do they feel good on your skin, they also help to apply your makeup evenly and blend it out effortlessly. Pair it with a bottle of their cleanser for added cleanliness!


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