The Untold Story Of Jacy And Kacy


Many people know the story of Jacy and Kacy. Or at least, know about them. They are the two girls who starred in a viral video asking strangers for money on the side of a busy highway somewhere in America – and became internet sensations after their creative “Puppy Prank”. However, few people know more about these girls than what they see on YouTube or hear from news reports. 

So, it’s time to break some misconceptions and reveal what really happened when they created their infamous prank, as well as just who these girls are.Where do jacy and kacy live? Are they still making videos? What are their real names? Why did they do this?

Jacy started off as a cute and petite 15 year old girl. Kacy was closer to 17, so almost old enough to drink. Both girls were in foster care, and they decided they wanted to do something fun with their last few months before becoming an adult in the system – something that could get the whole state talking.

The Untold Story Of Jacy And Kacy :

1. Kacy is NOT a “popular girl” in school (The sad truth)

Kacy was actually quite unpopular, as her social skills weren’t all that great. However, she did have a small group of friends, and it’s not the case that she was at the bottom of the class.  

She had been bullied throughout her life for being “weird” – and when people decide to tease others, they are usually not looking for a reason to stop after only one or two taunts. The issue with Kacy was that everyone already knew her background story, and so she was always getting stuck with groups of people who wouldn’t treat her with kindness.

2. Kacy is NOT a “troubled girl” either

Kacy was never the mean one – she would never hurt or bully others. She wasn’t a bad person at all – she just wasn’t the most popular kid in school. The only time she was known as a “prankster” (aside from the puppy prank) was when students from her own school decided to do something funny with her. For example, a group of girls would tell her that her hair was out of place or something – then they would run away. When she goes to fix it, they would make loud noises so she would look ridiculous.

3. Jacy doesn’t have a big “family” either…

The Fosters care system is already not the best place to be – however, Jacy was happy because she had an older sister who was living in the same town as her and in the same foster home too! She decided to trick people and say there were 3 sisters – when really it was just the two girls and their foster father. Jacy’s older sister didn’t like the fact that people thought she had a sister.

4. Kacy and Jacy met via a local church

Kacy and Jacy met through a local church nearby – they helped to make some videos together, but it was Kacy who really took the whole thing seriously. One day, she was hanging out with another friend of theirs at her house when her friend suggested that they should try and make a video of themselves asking for money. 

She had no idea how to use cameras – yet alone editing software. So she recruited Kacy as the one to edit all the footage together – and let’s face it, that’s why we all know about them today.

5. Their video went viral within a week

It took a few days to get together the footage, but within 7 days of uploading it, the video went viral. They had already prepared for this – and as soon as it took off online, Kacy and Jacy had already made a fake email address to keep in touch with fans. The reaction was immediate – from being hated at first (as people commonly are when they are first discovering something new) to quickly becoming loved by the majority of viewers. It’s likely that their fame would have stayed with them for many years if they had simply left things alone.

6. It’s NOT the schools fault.

When the video went viral, many commenters online complained that their schools should stop teaching them how to “ask for money without getting hurt”… However, they did not. It’s simply a way of life over there – as Kacy and Jacy were too. They weren’t being forced to be out on the side of a road asking people for money – they chose to do it because it was a way of life for them and it was part of who they were. They got taunted by bullies in school because they wore their hair in braids (something that’s often associated with poverty) and because they wore bright yellow shirts with the words “God loves us” written on them.

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