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The Enigma is an Orokin relic with unknown purpose, hidden deep within the Orokin Tower on Earth.

 It was built by long-forgotten Orokin hands for purposes unknown, its location only known to them by word of mouth for fears of exposing its secrets to the broader public. 

This is because it’s one of those things that no one outside the ranks of high-level Orokin management has ever laid eyes on before – not even their own people had seen it up close until this point in time.

Not much is known about this elusive device: the Enigma is housed in a massive room on the first floor of the Orokin Tower and was constructed to be worked on with robotic factory-like machines surrounding it. 

The Enigma itself is a giant mechanical box filled with over a thousand individual dials and toggles, each one labeled with an unknown language or purpose. 

There are two physical mechanisms included with the Enigma in addition to these dials – a pedestal and floor-sliding ball apparatus.

why are these fools still breathing my air

Orokin Vault Plan

The Orokin Tower is a colossal Orokin structure located in Earth’s orbit. The tower has many secrets but few are known to be living within its walls.

 A sole device known as the Enigma was built by human engineers ages ago, but it is unknown if the Orokin supervised or even used it’s construction. 

The device has since been forgotten to time, and people are not sure of its purpose. Its purpose on the outside world remains ambiguous with no further information known about it other than what had been recorded in old databases.


“Our scans indicate a high probability of hostiles inside the tower. Scanning for warframes, we detect a lifeform of unknown classification. 

Capturing will not be required if we’re able to disengage it from its current engagement.”


“Our scans indicate the presence of at least five hostile warframes on the premises, possibly more – locations are fuzzy due to equipment interference. 

Re-engaging will be necessary to facilitate extraction and capture, and fighting through these hostiles could prove difficult despite our superior equipment.”


“Our scans indicate hostiles are currently engaged with a number of living and artificial targets. 

They are not warframes, but some kind of drone or remote controlled construct. These units have life signs and should be captured as soon as possible.”


“The Enigma is located on the upper floor in a large room filled with robots and smaller objects. 

This will require careful searching to locate it and it could be located in any of several different places within the area marked by our scan sweep- we will need to search each place to ensure retrieval.”


“This will only be available if you were able to retrieve the Enigma. 

A ship is located in the hangar locked to your Warframe signature and can be used to escape the tower via an elevator situated in this room. Proceed to the elevator and make your way topside immediately.”


“Surveillance indicates that these hostiles are capable of tracking our position on the ground level, even through walls or floors. 

If at all possible, we must ensure they are terminated before they can alert anyone of our actions within the tower area.”


“In order to escape the tower, we must make our way to this elevator and take it down to the hangar floor in front of us.

 Our scans indicate there are multiple enemy units at that location – they will not allow us safe passage without a fight, so be prepared!”


Our scans indicate that Warframes are being kept here in order to guard the Enigma itself; these units are a new model for an unseen Orokin faction and have been armed with a new set of technology that allows their systems to interface with the Enigma. 

They can also detect our presence through physical interaction with the machine. We have located a single warframe currently out of its stasis chamber that is currently not active. 

This unit appears to be inactive, but we will need to move quickly before they activate or lock down the facility and prevent us from escaping.”


“Based on our scans, we believe this warframe is located within the same room as the Enigma and will require careful search to locate – it may be hidden inside a maze of robotic and machine bodies. 

Find it and bring it back to the ship so we can go!” (No idea why you’d want to capture any of the oozes… unless they’re broken currently, in which case you might want to capture them.)


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