At Collins Aerospace, we make the impossible possible. We know you’re not going to just take our word for it, though. Because when it comes to designing and building the world’s most advanced aircraft for NASA, nothing but perfection will suffice—and that includes customer service. So whether you want to see how we revolutionize aviation with a new type of wing design or want a tour of our facilities that include some of the country’s most advanced manufacturing equipment or want to experience cutting-edge advancements in avionics on some of our in-house simulators—we have something for everyone! 


Rockwell collins health monitoring utc phm. You’ve seen the commercials, you know how great it is to get real-time insights into your health. But have you ever wondered what’s inside the box? Well, wonder no more! Come see it for yourself. Rockwell Collins operational excellence utc op ex. As one of the premier aviation companies in the world, we can do things that seem impossible to most, but our customers’ mission success depends on us being ahead of every curve. Our operational excellence team makes sure that we’re prepared for anything with a solution tailored specifically to our customer’s needs.


Things About Collins Aerospace You Have To Experience It Yourself :

1. What It’s Like To Be “On The Line”


Rockwell Collins integrated avionics etc. You’ve always wondered what it’s like to be an aircraft mechanic or electrician, but you know those jobs require years of training and education. Luckily for you, we’re the global leader in aviation solutions, so we have some of the most advanced equipment in the world—which means you can get a glimpse at what it’s really like to work on an aircraft without any training whatsoever! 


Rockwell Collins electrical systems utc esu. Our dedicated team of electrical systems specialists will certainly be happy to show you how everything works behind the scenes. They’ll show you everything from the latest avionics components to the sophisticated systems that help keep your flight path and aircraft flying safely and efficiently. Rockwell Collins avionics utc wrx. Explore this one-of-a-kind facility, designed specifically for customers like you, and see where it all happens. Rockwell Collins environment services utc escu.

2. What You Want To See With Your Own Eyes


Rockwell Collins aircraft survivability utc asv. It’s not every day you get to see an aircraft impact test, is it? It’s even rarer for you to get the opportunity to see one with your own eyes! That’s why we invite our customers and partners on-site to experience this first-hand. It’s up close and personal—so get ready! Rockwell Collins avionics utc wrx. There really is no better way to experience firsthand what sets us apart from everyone else in the industry than with a visit to our avionics facility in Oklahoma City, OK. 


Rockwell Collins aviation services utc asu. Our customers are always amazed at just how much we can do from our facility in Oklahoma City when it comes to aircraft survivability, maintenance, operations and more. Rockwell Collins spacecraft utc spx. Explore our state-of-the-art spacecraft facility in Littleton, Colorado. We’re passionate about pushing the boundaries of aviation, and it’s clear that our customers agree—no one else has anything like this! Rockwell Collins avionics integration utc aiu.

3. What You’ve Seen “The Trailers” For


Rockwell Collins avionics utc wrx. We do things differently here at Collins Aerospace, and that includes testing out our new products in actual aircraft. You won’t see what else we’re working on here in the lab, but that doesn’t mean we don’t show off the hottest innovations for our customers to experience firsthand. Rockwell Collins avionics utc wrx. 


Just imagine being able to get up close and personal with all of our avionics systems—the way you would in a hostile environment! We have specialized facilities set up just for customer testing, making sure they can take advantage of every innovation we have to offer. Rockwell Collins avionics utc wrx.


4. What You Would Love To Experience


Rockwell Collins avionics utc wrx. For years, we’ve been in the aviation industry doing what we do best—and that’s bringing you the world’s most advanced aircraft—and now we’re also changing how you get there with a revolutionary flight experience that offers a whole new level of VIP treatment! 


Rockwell Collins propulsion systems utc fspu. And for those customers who want to see what we’re capable of without actually taking their aircraft on the road, there are plenty of unique, immersive experiences available to them as well! Rockwell Collins commercial avionics utc cadv. You can lay down the track for a private or commercial aviation experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen! 

5. What You’ve Seen On TV


Rockwell Collins avionics utc wrx. The world has recently discovered one of our best-kept secrets—our cutting-edge commercial video capabilities, which allow anyone to produce high-quality, professional-grade videos that are not only easy to share online but are also tailored specifically to our customers’ needs! Rockwell Collins commercial avionics utc cadv.


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