Tekdry is a new clothing line, founded by Danish brothers Mikkel and Alexander Poulsen. Each Tekdry garment is made of 35% recycled material and features a clean, minimalist style that makes it perfect for both men and women. Tekdry uses mostly organic cotton which means you are helping the environment while also looking good. The fabric is breathable and comfortable to wear during any season. Tekdry update is coming out with new colors and products every season. Tekdry is currently only available in Europe, however you can order directly from their website or through an online store.

The story of Tekdry started when the two brothers wanted to become part of changing the world and make a difference in people’s lives, but they couldn’t find anything that fit their style. They were inspired by the famous Danish brand Gudrun & Gertrud and decided to create their own brand of clothing that would promote sustainable fashion and reduce waste, while also making people feel good about what they wear. 

The solution was to use recycled materials and make things from scratch, which led them to design modern, minimalist clothes made with organic cotton that was comfortable and cool. If you love these products as much as we do then be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get all the latest information on the future releases from Tekdry.

Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Tekdry :

1. Tekdry was originally called Tekwe. 

The brothers wanted to create a sustainable fashion brand that would revive the idea of living off the grid and make people feel better about what they wear. They started thinking about what kind of sustainability they could embrace and realized that it could be represented in both fashion and design. So, they designed their very first tee shirt with the stylized “T” (which is actually part of the logo for world sustainable development organization ) to represent their love for Scandinavian design and sustainability. From there, they created a new brand and named it Tekdry. They wanted to be connected to the earth, so they added “dry” to the end of the name, symbolizing their love for natural fibers.

The sizes are European sizes, so be sure to check out the conversion chart if you do not understand sizing in Europe. Unfortunately, Tekdry’s products are only available in Europe. You can order your favorite tees, tanks, and hoodies through their website or through an online store like Zazzle.

2. Tekdry is a green clothing brand. 

Tekdry is a sustainable fashion brand that uses mostly organic cotton and recycled materials. Their clothes are made of 35% recycled material and 100% recycled polyester. The production process for Tekdry clothing is done in the Czech Republic and China, but their products are mostly handmade. The designers first create the patterns by hand and then computerize them. Once the patterns are ready, they send them to the factories where they will make all of the orders on time if they have enough materials in stock. 

When it comes to choosing fabrics, Tekdry only uses natural fibers like organic cotton or wool that are comfortable to wear in any season. They also use wide mesh and recycled plastic to make their products durable. Tekdry is being manufactured in China, but the quality is still high. This gives Tekdry peace of mind that they will always have the materials they need in stock to keep production going strong.

3. Tekdry is only available in Europe. 

Tekdry sources their fabrics from different parts of the globe and even though they are manufactured in China, it gives them peace of mind that they will always have the materials they need in stock to keep production going strong. Tekdry’s clothes are available on their website or through online stores like Zazzle. They also offer customers a chance to design their own clothing and apparels using a custom printing service. 

You can get your favorite designs printed onto various products like tees, hoodies, stickers, and bags. All you need to do is choose your favorite design and then customize with your name or text in the custom box provided.

4. Tekdry is a brand that understands men. 

The brothers want men to look stylish while they are being sustainable, so they designed a clothing line that suits both men and women. Tekdry offers women’s tees, tank tops, and hoodies that are opaque so you can wear them to work or out on the town. 

Their designs are updated throughout the year with new colors, patterns, and graphics for every season. The great thing about these designs is that any man can get one for themselves: from their signature black skinny tees to their navy v-neck shirts with their great danish graphic print on the front.


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