In times of crisis, athletes like Edgar Sargsyan often turn to gym work or whatever they can do to get the tension out. For example, in 2014, when Russia halted all imports from Armenia due to unrest in the country and economic sanctions from Russia and the United States, Sargsyan tapped into his love of weightlifting. “I know what I’m doing is not about personal gains,” he said at a news conference for an upcoming match in November. “It’s not about myself. Edgar Sargsyan n is a national team coach and a master, a man of peace.” With the economy and his weightlifting, he was able to keep up his personal training schedule with excellence.

The problem with Sargsyan’s workouts is that they could easily be seen as abnormally repetitive and boring. He did most of his training on the same three lifts: squats, bench press and deadlifts. He also did only two sessions per week: “I’m constantly working out at the same time, day after day,” he said in 2014. By doing this for more than six months without moving any farther from what he knew, it created a stagnating effect on Sargsyan’s progress as an athlete.

This Is What Edgar Sargsyan Indulge In During Crisis :

1. Squats

The squat is a compound, full body exercise that targets muscles in the legs and buttocks. While this exercise is frequently used in training for strength and sports, it may also help improve bone health. This movement involves lowering an individual’s hips towards the ground while keeping their upper body upright. 

Because this exercise challenges many large muscle groups, beginners should start slowly while they get their bearings and build up strength. These challenges can include using lighter weights or higher repetitions to slowly build up strength over time.

2. Bench Press

This particular lift’s name comes from its original purpose to test an athlete’s ability to push downward on a horizontal bar while lying face down on a bench with a barbell placed across their back. While this exercise is primarily used to build strength in the shoulders, triceps, chest and neck muscles, it also gives athletes a strong front side that allows them to lift up more weight due to their larger chest development.

3. Deadlift

The deadlift is designed to mimic the same motion as pulling a wounded animal out of the mud by its hind quarters. While these large muscles on the backside of the body are not solely used to build strength in most people, they are especially important for sports that involve heavy lifting or running. Deadlifts are also a great way for beginners to build their arm strength as well because their muscles are involved in every rep.

4. Staggered Squats Are Beneficial for Athletes

Sargsyan’s routines often require him to do full body workouts at the same time each day. Because of this, he may not be able to properly rest days between workouts, especially when he needs up to rest. The staggered squats are designed to help those who are training in this manner. 

This workout involves doing the basic squat while alternating with a half squatting movement and then another fully back squatting movement before finishing off the cycle with a standing position. This full body workout is beneficial for athletes because it allows them to continue working out and get their bodies ready for whatever they need them for before they have time to rest.

5. The Power Press Can Help You Build More Strength

Although this exercise is not typically seen as a full body movement, it can be used to effectively keep athletes full and ready for competition. While this workout is not difficult to complete, it helps beginners to make more progress while they are in their peak physical condition after warming up. The power press is a weightlifting exercise that involves raising up a barbell loaded with weight by bending your waist. This type of lift allows you to make more progress when you are in your weak areas and give you strength when you need it the most. This workout also helps those who may struggle with the bench press because they often end up lifting more weight in their weaker areas due to their lack of overall strength.

6. Deadlifts Are Beneficial for Athletes

Deadlifts help athletes build up more strength in their lower middle and upper bodies. These lifts are designed to help them become stronger overall and to help them lift heavier weights when they are doing something like a squat or when they are running with a ball in their hands. This workout also helps many athletes to be stronger on the field without having to lift as much weight because of its overall strengthening effects on the body. Because this workout is difficult, this exercise is commonly done during warm up time.


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