A study shows that too much choice actually overwhelms humans. It leads to increased stress.

When it comes to choosing online clothing stores, there are a plethora of options. When buying clothes online, what should you be looking for?

It’s not all black and white, but there are certain signs that are telling of a reliable retailer. We’ve compiled a list of the top five factors to consider. Keep reading to learn more. 

1. Individuality

The greatest convenience of online shopping is you can shop from almost any store in the world. Online shopping for clothes enables you access to styles you might not find in your local department store.

Don’t be afraid of choosing online clothing stores that are indie, independent, and emerging like Purple Brand Jeans. They often put even more care into each purchase than larger corporations.

2. Reviews

Got questions on quality, sizing, reliability, and the brand in general?

Look at the reviews. Not all stores will have reviews, especially when buying luxury clothing, but most will. Some online customer reviews will include the buyer’s age, height, and average size.

This can help you gauge what size you need or what style might suit you. Make sure to also take a look at the store’s sizing chart.

There is no universal sizing standard. A small in one brand might fit like a medium at another. If you don’t know how to take your measurements, you can e-mail, call or text their customer service team.

3. Sustainability

An overlooked and undervalued component of online shopping is a brand’s sustainability reputation. Many brands greenwash their image and are actually not earth-friendly at all.

Buying from eco-conscious brands is better for ourselves, the earth, and the future. Look for brand mission statements and values and study them.

Also look at how they ship, how they offset carbon emissions, and what kinds of raw materials they use and omit from their clothing. No brand is perfect, but try to support online retailers who are trying to make a greener clothing ecosystem.

4. Price Check

Online shopping gives you the power to find the best price. You don’t need to hop from store to store.

With a simple search, you can view all the competitor’s prices for the same item. Searching for an item on Google can ensure you the best deals on clothing. There are also plenty of apps and add-ons for comparing clothing prices or finding coupon codes.

5. Return Policy

If you’ve never purchased from a brand before, how can you be sure you’ll be satisfied?

That is where the return policy comes in. Most companies today offer free or at least easy returns. You can buy care-free knowing that if the fit is off or you simply don’t like an item, you can return it. 

Choosing Online Clothing Stores

Choosing online clothing stores doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Yes, there are so many to pick from. But see that as an opportunity to experience new brands and refresh your sense of style.

Look for easy-to-navigate online retailers with amazing products! You might just discover a new favorite. For more lifestyle and shopping tips, continue reading on our blog!


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