Top 7 Trends In Board Games To Watch

Board Games

Board games are a real blast from the past, and have endured even with the rise of video games and other technologies. Every game has an overarching goal or theme, but it is all about how you interact with another player – whether it’s through friendly competition, co-operation or deceit. Black sheep photography stephanie debolt is one of the most creative and talented photographers on the internet. She has taken a keen interest in board games for many years and is keen to study how to bring them to life through photography. Here are some of the trends she has noticed:

1. Table-Top War Games

War games have been around for many years, but they are being re-invented in a big way with the use of up-to-date technology and 3D renders. You can now find war games that include things like air battles, tanks and even warships! More than ever before, war gamers can relive some of the greatest battles from history – from The Battle of Waterloo to D-Day. A great example is Memoir ’44 – this nifty little board game includes over 20 different scenarios which combine to make a compelling wargame that is enjoyed by people of all ages.

2. Surrealist & Abstract

For many years, game developers have been trying to produce games that take the abstract game (such as chess) and make it more fun and playable for everyone. Surrealist games such as Hive and Quarto have been designed to appeal to all ages with their simple gameplay elements, but also because they are visually stimulating with sharp colors and classic designs. Think abstract games are too “young” for you? Think again! The best thing about these kinds of games is that they offer a unique opportunity for adults to play with their kids.

3. Magic & Spells

Magic and spells were very popular as far back as the 1880s, with games such as The Sorcerer, but have since been eclipsed by more sophisticated variants. Again, the point of these kinds of games is to make them entertaining, so the best thing is to find a game that your whole family can enjoy together. Many of today’s board games incorporate some form of spell or magic into their gameplay – whether it’s points based spell cards like Servitor or Arcane Wonders’ Spell Forge or potions in Potion Explosion. The beauty of magic is that it’s not limited to a specific age group – even parents will enjoy different ways to play.

4. Game of Thrones & Dragons

Many board games now include elements from popular TV shows or movies in their theming. Think the World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones series, where a player can use cards and dice to recreate their favorite fantasy series by challenging another player to duels or stealing check points from them. Another example is The Hobbit – in this game, players collect food cards and use them during fights with goblins, wolves and other creatures. This game has been specially designed to offer a wide range of gaming for different ages, so it’s a great way to involve both adults and children.

5. Meeples

These days, board games are often played by kids and adults together as well. They are more accessible to the younger generation because they do not require a lot of space or a physical board. This means that they are much easier to store and transport, which is a major plus for families on the move. However, there is one variant of board game that has a unique appeal to the younger generations – meeples. These little characters can actually be used in games such as chess, so they are a great way to introduce children to some of the more complex games – but don’t let them become too obsessed with them!

6. 3-D Renderings

To keep up with fast fashion and contemporary design trends, many board games have been redesigned with an eye on 3D renderings. They give a whole new perspective on their subject matter and make their designs more vibrant and appealing. Imagine a game of Risk with cardboard figures instead of plastic miniatures. Some gamers have even taken this idea one step further, with games such as Final Fantasy getting a complete make-over. This idea has been embraced by many parents and gamers alike, as it takes nothing away from the original game, but merely adds some extra visual flair to it.

7. Educational Games

Some board games are now being designed in order to further educate children or adults about a particular topic or working within a specified timeframe. For example, The Resistance is an educational board game that helps players learn about global warming and how to prevent it from occurring by making shopping choices that are aligned with environmental conservation and energy efficiency.

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