One of the best things about online sports betting is the incredible number of games and markets to choose from. The increased number of sporting events in the sports betting world has made it difficult for punters to choose the best sporting event and make money. Luckily punters, including wwe betting, have numerous informative information online to help them understand the dynamics of such sports. 

Some of the factors to consider when choosing a sport to bet on include; 

  • Market variety 
  • Availability 
  • Research materials 
  • Odd quality 
  • Promotional opportunities 

Different sporting activities have different betting methods. Before placing your bet on any sport, you can make use of Indian bookmarkers to understand the intrigues of your sport of choice. With all the above five factors considered, our top five best sports to make money on include;


Without a doubt, soccer is the most followed sport globally and the most profitable to bet on. Most sportsbooks put too much focus in terms of offers and bonuses on soccer. The most common results for an ordinary soccer match are 1, X, 2. Most sports betting enthusiasts love soccer, making it easy to pick the right games and make money through them. 

Another thing that makes soccer betting profitable is the huge number of soccer teams. European leagues are the most famous among gamblers. When it comes to international soccer, UEFA Cup Finals, The World Cup, Copper America, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League are the most followed football tournaments. 

When betting on international games, some countries to look at include Brazil, Germany, France, Argentina, Italy, England, Belgium, Spain, and Portugal. Even though these teams will have small odds, they lose a football match against smaller countries is minimal. 


Most bettors worldwide consider football the best sport and the most straightforward sport to make money on. A report by American Gaming Association stated that $93 billion was wagered on football in the year 2015 alone. Compared to other sporting events, football betting is profitable, and the favourites often win games. Additionally, most bettors are fans of football, making it easy to place bets even without analysis. 

You can bet on three top schools to make the playoffs each year and get good odds before the season begins to make money through college football. 

Football also has a ton of information and betting tips to help bettors pick the right games. The only undoing of football betting is the seasonal breaks that can limit betting opportunities. NFL football, for instance, has 256 games per season compared to NBA or NHL, which has 1230 games per season. During such breaks, you will be forced to bet on sporting activities you are not used to. 


In the 90s, boxing was the most popular sport to watch and bet on. Although the sport has lost glory in viewership, it is still one of the most profitable sports to make money on. Boxing offer bettors unique betting opportunities to make profits. 

One reason why sports betting enthusiast prefer boxing over other sports is that it does not have many outcomes. Bettors do not have too many confusing decisions to make. On the sportsbook, you will only find a handful of betting lines for an event. 

<blockquote>You will find boxers who have never lost a match, making it easy for you to make a decision. Equally, you will find boxers who are yet to win a single game. You can utilize such stats in boxing to make huge profits. </blockquote>

Kate Richardson, sport betting expert


Just like boxing, tennis does not have tones of betting markets to choose from. It is an easy sport to understand, and make huge profits out of them. You can specialize in tennis top talents like Djokovic, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka. 

Novack Djokovic has won the Australian Open eight times, making him an easy pick for any punter looking to make money out of this tournament. Rafael Nadal, on the other hand, has won the French Open 13 times. Tennis tournaments take place throughout the year and take weeks to complete; bettors can use opening rounds to make money. 

man playing tennis

If you are a newcomer in betting and looking for a sport that is easy to understand and bet on, tennis is the best choice to try your luck. 


Apart from soccer, basketball is another popular sport around the world. In an NBA regular season, top teams often lose to less popular teams. Such flukes mainly occur at the beginning of the NBA season. You can make money by betting for the underdogs at the start of the season before switching your strategy during the postseason. 

In 2019, it was estimated $8.5 billion was used for basketball alone. Basketball college games are not any different. The favourites will lose a few games throughout the season. A report by NCAA showed that Basketball averages 12.2 upsets per year.  

Ultimately, there is no best sport to bet on; it all depends on the sport that works best for you. Most bettors follow soccer passionately, making it easy to make money through it. “The more you watch a specific sport, the more you are likely to make money through them,” Kate Richardson. Sports like tennis and boxing are easy to understand and place bets on. The bottom line is that for you to succeed in sports betting, research is paramount. 


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