Top Five Trends In Fitness To Watch


More people than ever before in the US are interested in staying fit and healthy. For those of you who want to stay on top of the latest fitness trends, this article provides five important wellness trends that you should know about. The idea is not just to make it easy for you to keep up with health and fitness information; rather, these topics provide insights into which industries might be poised for major growth in the future (fitness companies, technology companies, etc.). 

Some of these trends include: 


This term refers to a method of meditation that involves turning your attention inward. It’s been getting a lot more popular recently and has implications for everything from business productivity to self-care. 

“Virtual Reality”. 

Planet fitness card

 is a new application that allows people to interact with each other in a virtual gym setting. It’s expected that VR technology will continue to grow in the next five years, which could have implications for the fitness industry.

 “Smart” Technology” 

This generally refers to a more sophisticated level of technology that is used in fitness devices and apps, such as a smartphone app that tracks a person’s food intake and exercise activity. 


Many people are using this device to increase their awareness of their physical activity levels.

Top Five Trends In Fitness To Watch :

1. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an approach to meditation that emphasizes the need to pay attention to your body’s sensations. It’s based on the idea that people tend to be unaware of what they’re feeling, and instead, they pay attention primarily to their thoughts. This is an important point when it comes to figuring out how your body feels physically and mentally.

The goal is to bring awareness into situations, such as exercise and other activities. The idea behind mindfulness is that it promotes a sense of well being, both mentally and physically. It also helps you become more efficient in your daily life, because you’re much more aware of what you should be doing in any particular situation.

It’s a popular topic right now because it’s showing up in nearly every other field of life and business. Companies, such as Virgin Holidays, offer programs that help you develop mindfulness skills while on vacation.

2. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a technology that places you inside another world. You are able to interact with some elements of the virtual world (such as other people or objects), while others remain unmoved (such as the sky and the ground). For example, you might be able to look towards the sky and see the sun appear with your “virtual” eyes. Like virtual reality, mindfulness is a method for people to become more aware of certain sensations that would otherwise go unnoticed by most people.

Most people regard virtual reality as a completely new and innovative technology, but it’s actually been around for quite a while. It was introduced with arcade games in the 70s, and there are even some devices that you can wear that put you into another world, such as Google Glass. The same companies that were involved back in the ’70s are now bringing this type of technology to the latest generation of people. Virtual reality can have a wide variety of applications, including fitness and health related activities (such as running or weightlifting).

3. Smart Technology

This type of technology is used in fitness devices and apps. It often involves wireless connections between your smartphone and wearable device (such as a heart rate monitor or scales). Smart technology allows you to interact with your smartphone in new and innovative ways. For example, you may use your smartphone to access a database of exercises, and the device on your wrist will show you which exercise to do next. Or, you might use your smartphone to determine how many calories you’ve burned, and then it’s sent to the wearable technology for analysis.

4. Fitbit

This is a device that is often worn on the wrist or around the neck (such as a necklace). It’s able to track how many steps you’ve taken, how much you’ve slept and how long you’ve been sitting. Fitbit can also be used to set various goals or routines (such as setting a goal of meeting the recommended daily amount of steps). It’s also able to record your weight and blood pressure. Users generally enjoy using Fitbits because they can track everything about their physical activity levels.

5. Online Communities

This type of community has been around for a long time, but it recently got a big boost from social media sites that allow people to share ideas or tips. There are also various fitness communities on various websites or blogs that have their own Facebook pages and Youtube channels.

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