The Business Minor at Gettysburg College is a recent addition to the college curriculum. It was developed to allow students who have an interest in business but are not sure if they want to go into the field right away the opportunity to experience what business can offer them, while also gaining skills and knowledge that will prepare them for a future career. The Business Minor program is designed for anyone looking for an alternative academic path or for preparing for new opportunities in their chosen professional area. Business minor gettysburg college a three-year program that provides students with a balance of general business knowledge and specific, practical skills.

One of the benefits of the Business Minor is that it prepares students for a variety of careers in business. The courses that make up the Business Minor allow students to gain broad exposure to many different topics in business, from Accounting and Information Systems to Operations Management and Entrepreneurship. This exposure gives them a better understanding of what they are looking for when they begin their job search after graduation.

The previous requirement for an internship in order to graduate with a Business Minor has been revised in order to help students find internships based on an actual interest or career goal rather than simply completing an internship as part of a general requirement.

Understanding The Background Of Business Minor Gettysburg College :

1. Begin With A Fresh Start

The major change in the way the Business Minor is administered has resulted in a dramatic drop in application and registration numbers. By making students begin with a Fresh Start, the number of students who transfer into the Business Minor after receiving their business degrees has nearly doubled.

2. General Education Requirements

This change has allowed students to apply less toward their general education requirements at Gettysburg College, which is what makes it easier for more students to choose the Business Minor as an alternative path to completing their undergraduate degree. This will also allow for a greater number of incoming freshmen to take advantage of the many career-related programs offered at Gettysburg.

3. Flexibility

The Business Minor is not a specific concentration; rather, it is a group of courses that share a common theme and provide the student with more flexibility and choice when selecting classes. The previous requirements were more restrictive and limited the number of students who were able to transfer from other majors into the Business Minor. This led to most students who wanted to complete the Business Minor choosing to enter it directly from their secondary schools. By making these changes, we are closer than ever before to attracting more students into this program.

4. Easy Course Selection

The Core Courses that make up the Business Minor at Gettysburg College were designed to help students choose the courses they need to best prepare them for their chosen career path and job. These courses cover a wide range of areas like personal finance and marketing, which will allow students to gain knowledge in an area that they are interested in while developing specific skills relevant to working in their field.

5. Leadership Development And Education Opportunities

The previous requirements eliminated many leadership and education opportunities for students in the Business Minor program, including the opportunity to participate in local business clubs and student organizations such as Golden Key International Honor Society (GKIHS) and Golden Key Presidential Scholars (GKPPS). By ensuring that students have the opportunity to get involved on campus and in their communities, the Business Minor program at Gettysburg prepares them for a more successful transition into the workforce after graduation.

Students who seek a business minor will benefit from the classes offered under this program. The courses provide students with a valuable background in business which could be potentially helpful when they want to enter their career fields. Being a very flexible program, students will have different options of choosing classes which are suitable to their academic and career interests. Those who want to pursue careers in accounting, business administration, management or international business are advised to major in accountancy because being an accountant requires specific skills such as math computation and finance knowledge.

6. Corporate Internships

The Business Minor at Gettysburg College provides students with the opportunity to not only learn a specific area of business, but also to obtain real-world experience and skills that they can take with them into the workforce. The ideal type of internship will be related to their career goals or majors, and this is provided through the Corps of Cadets program. The cadets can help students find internships that match their desired career path by leading them to opportunities that are available at local companies in Gettysburg and around the county.


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