With the holiday season around the corner, people are now packing for long vacations. Whether you’re going to just splash about at the beach, or lounge in the sun at a resort, you’re bound to ask yourself “What do I wear?”. If you’re unsure of what holiday outfit looks best, or are just looking for something different, we’ve got you covered. We bring you the coolest fashion tips for beach and resort wear, which is bound to encourage you to have a great time at the beach, and feel good about the way you look. Here’s a quick guide to help you look cosy and glam on your fun day out.

Beach Wear for Men

When it comes to the beach wear for men, light colours look fun and breezy and are so comfortable on a hot summer day. Yellow is a great colour that screams sunshine and fun, and adds a great pop of colour to the beach. For those who want to stand out and be loud, there are many colourful options that resonate with the sunny environment, water, and the overall vibe of the beach. Blues and yellows are also a great option if you want to match the calling colours of the yellow sand and the blue water. Bright pinks and blues can always express a vibrant and happy mood on the sea beach. Another option is baby pink, which is a colour of both luxury and sophistication for a more muted look. 

Resort Wear for Men

Resort wear for men now comes in a variety of styles. Men who love to party in resorts can pick up any colourful patterned shirt. They’re fun, summery and make you feel young and carefree. For men of classier taste, grey and white is great for resort wear for a more muted look. Light blue is a happy colour that remains playful and is ideal for sports lovers who want to express their agility in their fashion and garments. 

Mixing yellow patterns with white tops is extremely fun and classy at the same time.  A sombre mood also finds a complement in black and white resort wear. Pink is a great festive colour that reflects the festive holiday mood and suits any man that wants to look stylish as they relax.

Beach and resort wear should reflect your personality and become important style statements for your social media posts and status. Shop your vacay looks from designer labels like Wendell Rodricks, Shivan & Narresh, etc. for some standout pieces. 


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