The Kintock Male Correctional Treatment is settled in Newark, New Jersey. The Correctional Center is classified as what is known as a medium-security jail. The Kintock Male Correctional Treatment rehabilitates their prisoners through their numerous projects. These projects incorporate, however, various interventionist or punishment-based approaches with the aim of reforming the criminal offender and having them lead a productive life upon release from custody. One such project includes the construction of a corporation called 18 Karat Productions.

1. About 18 Karat Productions

18 Karat Productions is an initiative started by the Kintock Newarkt, a correctional center in Newark, NJ. 18Karat Productions is a corporation that aims to help prisoners in the making of jewelry such as rings and necklaces. They use their jewelry designing skills to ensure that they are able to create a living after they have left prison. This gives them the opportunity to go into business on their own or get employed by someone else thus giving them a chance at leading a productive life outside prison walls.

18 Karat Productions, Inc. was founded as part of Kintock’s New Directions program, which offers prisoners alternatives to incarceration and ways to enhance their self-esteem and self-worth. The program is based on the belief that if the men learn to be responsible for themselves, they will be less likely to harm society upon release. The name “18 Karat” was taken from karat gold which is 24-karat gold.

18Karat Productions, Inc. has a Certificate of Incorporation No: J201505465F filed with the State of New Jersey, Department of Law and Public Safety Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services as a domestic business corporation registered in accordance with the Business Corporation Law, N.J.S.A.34A:2-1 et seq.

2. About a New York designer

A New York designer is a person who creates jewelry to help fund the crime-related rehabilitation of prisoners. They use their artistic talents and creativity to create jewelry with the goal of being able to support themselves after prison. They do not need any equipment or tools other than what they have, which can be at most rudimentary, to create one of their designs. The market place is where they sell their products and make profit. The majority of these designers are female, but they do exist in male-dominated sectors such as construction and architecture.

3. About the new direction program

The New Directions Program is a program that aims to provide prisoners with ways to create a business after their release. This is founded on the belief that if prisoners learn how to be responsible for themselves and their own businesses, then they will less likely commit crimes after they’ve been released from prison. It was established in 1994 by the Bureau of Justice Assistance within the United States Department of Justice as a component of a re-entry strategy through partnerships among law enforcement agencies, corrections agencies, and community networks.

4. About the convict-turned-entrepreneur

A convict turned entrepreneur is someone who was previously imprisoned but managed to turn his life around by becoming an entrepreneur. This entrepreneur uses his knowledge to run a business and give back to the community by employing more people, thus increasing the number of self-reliant individuals. If properly done, this can lead to an increase in the number of law and order in a certain community.

5. About the collaboration between a prison authority and entrepreneurs

Collaboration between a prison authority and entrepreneurs is where those working in prisons help their prisoners learn how to be self-sufficient through various projects such as 18Karat Productions, Inc., or any other for that matter. This allows them to have a living even after they have been released from prison, which decreases their chances of going back into crime due to lack of resources.

6. About the projects that Kintock is using as ways to support their own and others’ businesses

Other than 18 Karat Productions and other projects available in Kintock, they also have the Prison Entrepreneurial Training Program and the Prison Entrepreneurship Authority. The Prison Entrepreneurial Training Program aims to teach prisoners skills such as how to run a business, how to handle finances, managing employees, marketing strategies and many others. The Prison Entrepreneurship Authority refers to the authority of inmates who are running their own businesses. This is a program that was established by prison authorities in 2003.

7. About rehabilitation programs for prisoners…

Most rehabilitation programs for prisoners focus on reintegration into society upon release from prison. Some of these programs are the Prison Entrepreneurial Training Program and the Prison Entrepreneurship Authority. The Prison Entrepreneurial Training Program goes over the various skills necessary for owning a business such as marketing strategies, financial management, managing employees and other necessary skills in owning a business. While the Prison Entrepreneurship Authority is an authority that refers to inmates who run their own businesses. 


– An innovative program where prisoners design jewelry and sell them to fund their future business.

– A New York designer is a person who designs jewelry for inmates in order to help them fund their future business.

– Kintock Correctional Center in Newark, NJ has several projects under its wings which include the 18 Karat Productions Corporation and other programs that aim to help prisoners unlock potential and become self-sufficient after release from prison.

– Most rehabilitation programs focus on reintegration into society upon release from prison. Some of these programs are the Prison Entrepreneurial Training Program and the Prison Entrepreneurship Authority.


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