What Are Some Popular Plant Arrangements for Homes?


Home decor is often thought of as being limited to furniture and wall art, but plants can play an important role in your home’s overall aesthetic. At a time when many of us are spending more time indoors, incorporating plants into our living spaces can help to create a sense of calm and bring some life into our homes.

If you’re new to plant parenting or simply looking for some inspiration, you may want to consider a few things first, such as the amount of natural light in your space and the size of your plants. Once you have a better idea of what will work in your home, you can start to explore some of these popular plant delivery arrangements from FTD.com.

A Single, Large Statement Plant

A single, large statement plant is a popular choice for many people, as it can make a big impact in your space without requiring a lot of maintenance. If you have a sunny spot in your home, you could consider something like a bird of paradise or a palm tree. If you’re looking for something a little more low maintenance, a fiddle leaf fig or a rubber plant would be a good option.

A Grouping of Smaller Plants

A grouping of smaller plants is another popular option, as it can give your space a lusher and inviting feel. If you have a windowsill or another sunny spot, you could arrange a few potted plants together. A mix of green and blooming plants would be a beautiful option, such as a fern, a peace lily, and a philodendron.

A Cascading Plant

A cascading plant is a great way to add some vertical interest to your space, and it can be a low-maintenance option if you choose a plant that doesn’t require a lot of watering. A common choice is the spider plant, as it’s easy to care for and can tolerate a wide range of light conditions. Another option is the string of pearls, which is a beautiful succulent that does well in bright, indirect light.

An Air Purifying Plant

If you’re looking for a plant that will not only look great but also help to purify the air in your home, there are a few different options to choose from. The snake plant is a popular choice, as it is known for being one of the most efficient air-purifying plants. The peace lily is another option that does a great job of filtering out toxins, and it also blooms beautiful white flowers. At a minimum, most air-purifying plants will need to be watered once a week.

A Cactus or Succulent

If you’re someone who tends to forget to water your plants, a cactus or succulent would be a good option for you. These plants are very drought-tolerant and only need to be watered every few weeks, making them a low-maintenance choice. Also, if you live in a colder climate, a cactus or succulent would be a good option as they can tolerate cooler temperatures.


There are a variety of popular plant arrangements for homes, depending on your personal style and the level of maintenance you’re willing to do. Each option has its pros, so it is vital for you to choose something that will work well in your space and that you’ll be able to care for. No matter what type of arrangement you choose, incorporating plants into your home can help to create a sense of calm and bring some life into your space.


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