What Are the Different Types of Perfumes?

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Are you hoping to learn more about the different types of perfumes so that you can be more informed when shopping for your signature scent? There are different categories that perfumes are placed into based on their unique formula. 

Typically, these perfumes are categorized by their concentration, meaning how much pure oil is included in the fragrance. To learn about the most common types of perfumes out there, keep reading. 


Parfum will boast the highest concentration of pure oils, making it the most luxurious fragrance type. Fragrances within this category will have the strongest scent strengths and will come at a higher price than many other options. Because it has the highest levels of oils, it will last on the skin longest for lasting results. 

Also, with full-spectrum notes, you can experience different levels of the scent over time for a full experience. The scent of parfum can last on the skin for up to eight hours or more so that you don’t have to worry about reapplying. 

Eau De Parfum 

This is the most common perfume type and it will last for about six hours or less on the skin. Typically, the perfume content is about 15% making it less concentrated than parfum, and therefore, less expensive. While the perfume strength is lower and it will not last as long, it will still give you the full scent body experience.

Eau De Toilette

When you are shopping for perfumes, you may find that there are eau de toilette versions of eau de parfum. This will be the less expensive version of the same scent and will last for about four to fives hours on the skin. These perfumes tend to have five to ten percent of pure oil content, making them much less concentrated. 

The top scent in this category tends to come on stronger at first making this a popular perfume option in the summer months as it will have a fresh and refreshing scent as soon as it’s applied. 

Eau De Cologne 

This is one of the most popular perfume types due to its mass availability and affordability. This type will have lower concentrations than those above at about three to five percent. They tend to last anywhere between two to three hours on the skin. 

This type tends to have a much higher alcohol concentration than other options making it less expensive although they tend to come in larger bottles and volume content. These are a great option for those looking for inexpensive and casual everyday use as well as for those who will not mind reapplying as necessary to maintain the scent. 

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The Different Types of Perfume Explained  

Now that you know the basics when it comes to the different types of perfume out there, you can make informed buying decisions. 

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