What Happens After Invisalign Treatment is Completed?


It is always interesting to remove your final set of Invisalign aligners and show off your beautiful smile. However, that is not the end of your treatment because there are still a few things you are required to do to maintain that brand new smile. The aftercare procedure and the ongoing treatment that is more effective for you are based on an orthodontist’s recommendations. There are specific steps, however, that happen after the completion of the treatment.

Invisalign Treatment

It is a procedure that utilizes transparent aligners to align your teeth in a manner that is appropriate for you. A current technology known as AcceleDent may be applied as a complementary treatment to fasten the aligners safely. The process is usually performed by an orthodontist who is an expert in straightening teeth and correcting bites. The procedure in grown people typically lasts for a year; however it may differ in teens.

The Retention Phase

After completing your orthodontic treatment, you get into the retention phase, where they maintain that perfect smile. This phase consists of the use of a retainer in positioning your teeth in the required place. It reduces the danger of natural and age-related developments to your teeth. The retainers also minimize the possibility of your teeth drifting out of position by reshaping your bones, gums around your teeth after Invisalign treatment. The majority of the patients start by wearing them throughout for a certain period then change to wearing them only at night. In other cases, some result in wearing them only a few nights within a week. Every case is different based on your situation and the recommendations of the orthodontist.

Sometimes you may consider utilizing your final Invisalign tray as your retainer, however that should not be the case. It is because Invisalign aligners do not apply sufficient pressure to keep your teeth in the correct position for longer. As a result, orthodontists recommend two sorts of retainers in clients.

  • Removable Retainer: It is made into two types whereby one of them is a traditional wire while the other one is a transparent retainer that resembles an Invisalign tray. The majority of the patients prefer the clear removable retainer because of its comfort and durability.
  • Fixed Retainer: It comprises a metallic, thin wire that is stuck at the back of your teeth on the side of the tongue. They provide a long-lasting solution and prevent the danger of losing your retainer.

Retainer Care

Retainers last for several years; however, it is crucial to understand that you should replace them immediately when you realize any tear and wear. They only perform well if they fit correctly and can apply the proper amount of force.

Below are extra tips on maintaining your retainers;

  • For the permanent retainers, brush on all sides of the wire correctly twice per day and floss once a day. The wire easily attracts food particles; therefore, it is significant to brush them properly to avoid gum disease and tooth decay.
  • Brush all around the removable retainers using a soft brush daily. You also need to clean them further weekly by soaking them in a retainer solution.
  • You should remove the retainers during meal times or while drinking any beverages such as tea or coffee that can easily stain and distort them.
  • Never try adjusting your retainers on your own, so if you feel that they need to be changed, visit an orthodontist to perform it properly.
  • Remember to remove your retainer during sports and always keep it in a case when you are not wearing it. A mouthguard will be preferred when wearing a permanent retainer to prevent it from any impact.

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After completing your Invisalign treatment, the aftercare is crucial as it ensures that the acquired results last longer. Wearing either a fixed or a removable retainer will keep your teeth in shape and your smile admirable for the rest of your life.


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