Movies in Bozeman can be both a great escape and a great social experience. The cinemas in the town offer many shows and screenings that vary widely in genre, price, and time of day. 

There is also plenty to do outside the theater: outdoor cinema events happen every weekend from June to September, from New York to the Norwegian Film Festival.

You don’t need to be a movie addict to enjoy cinema in Bozeman. You don’t even need a Facebook account; you can check out the major theaters’ social media accounts and follow their latest updates.

Like any town that is known for its movies, movies in Bozeman can get pricey. But there are a lot of great movies to choose from at a number of prices. Also, there are some movies that you won’t find in Bozeman. 

For example, if you decide to take a road trip south of town, you can visit the Bijou Theatre in Kalispell, Montana. While Bozeman is the primary setting for the main character’s life, this theater is where all the action takes place.

Here are some facts that makes Bozeman Movies So Addictive That You Never Want To Miss One 

1. There Are Multiple Cinemas, Including A Drive-in :

Bozeman has five movie theaters. The Center for the Performing Arts (CPA) is in the CPA facility, while Regal Bozeman, Americana Regal Theatre (ARET), and Scenic Valley 7 are in dedicated theaters.

 There are also several high-end home theaters that seat fewer than ninety people.

2. Shows Are All Night Long And At Different Prices :

The CPA shows movies all day long, every day of the week. The three other theaters show movies during certain hours on weekends only – each theater has an opening time outside of its regular schedule.

3. Theaters Come In All Sizes And Prices :

The CPA has an IMAX theater. You can also go to the Regal or Americana with your family, friends, or coworkers for a low-cost ticket. If you’re really in the mood for a movie without spending too much money, pick up tickets at the box office on Saturdays before 5 p.m.

 You can get one person in a regular seat for $10, while you can get four people in a super-sized “all you can eat” pass for $20 – five people in all!

4. It’s Not Just About The Movies :

Outside the theaters, there are plenty of events throughout the year, from special screenings to outdoor cinema events. On Memorial Day weekend in May, the movie “The Great Gatsby” will be playing outdoors in Bozeman. 

You can also spend an evening even in August watching movies at Liberty Lake Park – parks are great for this because they have much lower lighting needs than theaters need – so you can enjoy your favorite cinematic experiences without spending too much money on tickets.

5. There Are Many Different Ways To Find Out About Upcoming Movies :

You can visit all five theaters’ social media accounts to find out about upcoming movies bozeman.

6. There Are Lots Of Upcoming Events And Screenings :

Besides the screenings and park events, you can check out Bozeman’s website for events that the city is hosting. 

Between school starts and holidays, there are plenty of other events that happen in Bozeman throughout the year: nothing like a good film to take your mind off things.

7. Theaters Have Great Publicity, Including Notifications On Social Media :

Most theaters have their own social media accounts on Facebook or Twitter where they try to keep their audiences up-to-date on upcoming screenings .

And keep them informed of community events such as outdoor cinema weekends.

8. There Are Many Different Genres And Formats :

If you have a hard time deciding on a movie, there are many different genres available at almost all of the theaters in Bozeman. If your favorite movie isn’t playing in the CPA, look for it at the other theaters.

9. There Are Lots Of Ways To Find Out About Upcoming Events :

You can visit theatres’ social media accounts to find out about upcoming movies bozeman. The Montana Film Office also updates their website with an events calendar that includes all sorts of local film screenings you can attend.

10. You Can Watch Most Movies Anywhere And On Any Device :

Now that streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video exist, you can watch most movies and TV shows online – if it’s available on those websites, it should be available on any other device as well.


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