Deadwood ice skating has been designated as the “Best Home Ice Skating Rink” by the Better Business Bureau for 2016–2018. This rink is located in a small ski town in South Dakota and was originally built as a hockey rink. In 2015, owners John and Kristi of Deadwood Development Company made the decision to convert it into an ice skating rink, complete with a pond full of fish. It has since become one of the best attractions for tourists — so much so that Deadwood Development Company shares this attraction with hotels and lodges in town. Deadwood ice skating is open to the public, free of charge.

This ice skating rink is unique because it has a pond in the middle in which people can fish, and on the outside of the rink are mountain top views of the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore. The ice skating rink is only open during winter months of December–February, and these months attract many tourists who enjoy visiting Mount Rushmore in December, or ski resorts nearby in January and February. This attracts many people that have a passion for skiing or snowboarding since either sport can be done right outside the Deadwood ice skating rink — this is where its nickname “Best Home Ice Skating Rink” originated.

What People Are Saying About Deadwood Ice Skating :

1. Ice Skating is a fun sport :

I love ice skating. I used to go ice skating every winter break. Just rush out to the rink and slip and slide around until I got a feel for the place. I’d practice my figure eights and go pretty fast as if I was an ice skater on Olympic level. There’s something about being inside a real building while it’s snowing outside, or having layers of clothing that make you feel like you’re in a refrigerator when it’s actually 60 degrees Fahrenheit outside like today.

2. You can’t beat it right outside your hotel :

We stayed at the Deadwood National Historic Site, which is a 5 star hotel. And they have a two story indoor ice skating rink right next to the hotel. It cost nothing to go and rent skates, but it was just too cold and windy to do that. We were glad we got to see it and didn’t waste our money on rental skates!

3. You can visit Mount Rushmore in winter :

We drove up early in the morning, took pictures of the snow covered mountain sides, then hiked back down for breakfast. Once we had breakfast we went back up to my mom’s friends cabin for a couple hours of rest. By the time we were ready to go back to Deadwood for dinner it was about an hour or so till sunset. We went back on the road, made another stop and headed for home. I will say that I recommend arriving early before dinner time because the drive up there is quite a bit longer than you think it will be.

4. Lots of skaters :

I have been going in a circle with the same four or five skaters for a couple years now. I don’t think they really like hanging out with me because they all have their own circle cronies. We all skate at the same time and then it looks like we all take a break to go get food or something.

5. Inside an ice rink :

We were walking around the outside and there’s a big fire in the fireplace on one side and it’s just so realistic looking that you wonder how long ago this place was actually used.

6. The only ice skating rink in town :

My family and I could not go because the furnace in our basement was still broken, but watching the skaters made me feel like I was at home. My mom told my friend that I could only play as long as it took to fix the furnace. And then my dad said we were going to get a new furnace this summer, just so that nothing bad would happen to me or anybody else that lived there. He said he could not lose his daughter like he lost his wife. I asked my dad if he had been born yet when she died and he said yes, but someday I will ask him about it again.

7. A new friend in town :

I decided to go to the ice skating rink a couple months ago, even though I knew it was going to be freezing outside. I figured that I didn’t look too weird with all my winter gear on and that way, if anyone started bugging me about what I thought of Deadwood or if any skaters started talking really slow and loud, like they do here, then I could just skate away from them. None of that happened. The guys there were really friendly, especially the instructor guy who gave me all kinds of tips on how to pop-and-lock like a pro.


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